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I am always impressed with the new ideas Tim Soar comes up with. The new Elite Marathon System is once again without equal.

Sponsored Post: Soar provided me with the products for this review at my request. This had no influence on the content of my post. The article is written indipendently and reflects exclusively my personal experiences.

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Soar Elite Marathon System

This is the first time that Soar has offered two products as a cohesive system. Both the top and the shorts don’t come out of nowhere, but are basically the fourth upgrade of existing products. In my opinion, with Tim Soar, the second version of a product is perfect at the latest – so you can expect a lot from the Elite Marathon System.

Both products clearly belong to the Elite range of the manufacturer and are designed to optimally support runners in marathon races or similar challenges. In addition to the high functionality of the material and the optimal cut, the pants also have very interesting solutions for transporting gels.

“System” here means “functional system”, but not necessarily “bundle”. There are limited versions of the Marathon system in slightly different colours, but you can also get both components of the kit separately.


Soar Elite Race Vest 4.0

Soar Elite Race Vest 4.0
65 Euro
Time frame
4 weeks

In this revision of the Elite Race Vest, Soar continues to use the very thin and breathable mesh of the previous version. However, it is now made from 100% recycled material.

Thanks to the new, slightly tighter cut, the top now transports sweat even better and thus also helps with cooling. The fabric is so light that you can hardly feel it.

Also new is the modified cut at the shoulder area: the arms have even more freedom of movement due to the larger opening – but that was certainly not a problem before.

All that remains to be said is that the Elite Race Vest 4.0 is available in three colours (plus the limited edition versions in the set). I like the blue/yellow version shown here best by far.

In his “Designer’s Notes On Film” Tim Soar personally describes all the special features of the Race Vest:


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Soar Elite Marathon Shorts

125 Euro
Time frame
8 weeks

The Elite Race Shorts already leave nothing to be desired if you want to be as minimal as possible on race day. But in longer, high-speed races, the question always arises of how to ensure optimal energy supply.

While the pros can regularly run through their own supply stations, we mere mortals have to have our gels with us during the run. And Tim has come up with a special solution for this.

Two open pockets in the back offer space for a total of four gels. The length of the pockets is designed in such a way that the gels ideally stick out a little so that they are easy to grab. Of course, this depends on the product used.

Unfortunately, the sharp edges of the packaging have a habit of slowly but surely working their way through the fabric of running shorts. That’s why the pockets of the Elite Marathon Shorts are reinforced at the bottom.

Two more gels can be stored in the loops on the front of the shorts. This makes them quickly accessible and expands the storage space to six gels. But that’s not all, because there is also a zipped pocket at the back, which also runs behind the gel pockets and offers space for a modern mobile phone, keys or more gels.

As if all that wasn’t enough, the inner liner material is also infused with aloe vera, which, along with the taped seams, should help minimise potential chafing.

All of this adds up not only to the ultimate competition shorts, but also to a substantial price… These are certainly not shorts to have in your wardrobe “just in case” – although they are of course very universal.

There is also an informative video by Tim Soar for the Elite Marathon Shorts:


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Soar Elite Marathon System
Expensive, but good
With the Elite Marathon System, Soar offers fast marathon runners the optimal equipment for the next competition. The marathon shorts in particular are exceptionally functional, fit perfectly and are so light that you completely forget about them while running.

This post is also availiable in German

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