My Training For The Ibbenbueren Klippenlauf 2020 – Part 3

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HRV Managed Training

Hmm… the positive trend from the second training block has unfortunately not continued. The resting heart rate has returned to a normal level. There was a little unsteadiness in the heart rate variability towards the end of the block, but this is actually only due to one single measurement result. Nevertheless, I skipped a training day because I didn’t feel like running at all.

Week 9-12

The intervals were getting longer… But with the 5×1.500m on the first day I destroyed my calves again. Did I forget to stretch? Was it too cold? I don’t know… The easy run on Wednesday was just o.k., so I got back on the bike in the studio to be on the safe side.

Afterwards I did 40 minutes on the treadmill during which the calf did not pinch. Nevertheless, I took some of the intensity out for the rest of the weeks and made sure I stretched regularly. I also made more use of the Theragun.

In week 10 I got through the tempo run well and luckily I had support for the long run on the weekend. Otherwise I would not have been able to run the 20 km so easily. The course around the Longinusturm was also very fun and entertaining.

I then shortened the repetitions of the 3,000m intervals in the next week from three to two, which was more or less enough for me. I also replaced the additional speed session on the weekend with a basic run, because it was more important to me to get the miles in. Okay… the easy run turned into a hilly run, because that’s what my holiday running area looked like. :)

The long run also worked out well during the holiday – despite tough conditions. First I had to cheat my way through a herd of dangerous looking “bulls”, then there were track closures and hurricane force winds with heavy rain. But: nobody could take that 23 kilometres away from me. :)

Finally, there was no real rest week scheduled in the plan, but I missed at least one training session because I did not feel well. After two days of rest I did a fartlek on the course of the Klippenlauf and ran 340 of the 500 meters of elevation.

On Sunday’s long run Thomas accompanied me – or was it rather the other way round? We had a constant headwind from Havixbeck to Coesfeld, but were still pretty fast. On the last kilometers I was lucky to hide in the slipstream of the picked up third Thomas. :) Although I ran only on three days, I managed 48 km.

At the bottom line, the third training block amounts to almost 200 kilometres. I have already done three long runs of well over 20 kilometres, two more are to come. One of them will be a half marathon two weeks before the Klippenlauf. Let’s see how much I can hold myself back there. ;)

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