Soar Graded Speed Shorts and Advanced Race Vest

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There is news from the Soar ProtoLab, the research and development department of the London premium brand.

Anzeige: The manufacturer provided me with the product for this review at my request. This had no influence on the content of my test report. The article is freely written and exclusively reflects my personal experiences.

First Impression

With the Graded Speed Shorts, Tim Soar once again explores how minimal race apparel can be. A lot of development was certainly necessary to achieve just 64 grams and still retain the functionality typical of Soar.

The shorts do without a real waistband and use silicone applications to keep the shorts in place. What’s more, the material provides light compression to support the thighs and hamstrings in particular.

And don’t forget the small pocket on the back, in which several gels can be carried safely and conveniently.

Soar Advanced Race Vest


185 Euro

Time Frame

8 weeks

First Impression

With the new Advanced Race Vest, Soar now offers three singlets for racing. The difference to the Soar Race Vest and the Soar Graphene Vest lies in the material and the cut.

The new seersucker material has a crepe-like surface and is of course super light. The cut is slightly wider than what we are used to from Soar, so the Advanced Race Vest is not quite as skin-tight.

Running Experience

I was able to review the set extensively on hot training days and also at competitions. The speed shorts take a bit of getting used to at first with the “missing” waistband, but they fit perfectly and don’t slip. They are so light that you forget about them straight after putting them on.

I really like the slightly airier cut of the Advanced Race Vest. For me, this also makes it easier to wear outside of races. In contrast to the regular Race Vest, I found that the Advanced doesn’t stick to the upper body as quickly – unless you pour a cup of water over it (I tried that for you during the race. 😉)


Soar Graded Speed Shorts and Advanced Race Vest
Perfect race kit for summer
The products from the Soar ProtoLab are more expensive and not available in large quantities, but they also push the boundaries of what was previously thought possible. However, if you buy both products in a set, you also save 15% on the purchase price. If you're looking for the perfect super-lightweight race kit for the summer, you won't find anything better.
Price / Performance

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