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In my reviews, I am focused on the products. But there is often so much more to report. Here are a few special features that make up SOAR – from my point of view.

100 Mile Promise

If you’ve purchased an item from SOAR and, contrary to expectations, you’re not satisfied with it, you can return it. Within the usual return period for online sales, this should go without saying, but SOAR extends this promise to 100 miles of use, or 3 months.

The products may not only have been tried on, but really worn for running. If you are not satisfied, you will be refunded the purchase price as a voucher, but you may have to pay the return shipping costs (depending on location).

I must admit that I have never had to take advantage of this offer. But especially with the first purchases, I find it very comforting to be able to exchange the expensive piece for another size in case of doubt.


That’s a difficult topic to me. At the moment, everything is “green” and “recycled” – regardless of what’s really behind it. At SOAR, the proportion of fibers made from recycled material has been increasing noticeably over the last two years.

Tim describes SOAR’s attitude in a video – and at the same time sticks his neck out for it:

SOAR X Sustainability – SOAR Running


I only know such an offer from high-quality outdoor brands. But this is where sustainability starts: don’t throw away and buy new, but repair and reuse.

Should a seam come loose or any other defect occur to your favorite SOAR piece, you can request a repair. You will then get an immediate answer whether the problem can be fixed at a flat rate.

Honestly, I would definitely have times need here. In some of my favorite pieces, which I have been using for years, there are small places in the hem where the seam is no longer perfect. But that’s more sustainable to fix myself than to send the item to London for it.


SOAR Proto Lab

As if SOAR wasn’t already very innovative, the team pushes the boundaries even further with the Proto Lab. In other words, this is where experiments are carried out. And if the result is promising, SOAR then produces the product in small quantities for the store.

For example, there’s a pair of jeans where Tim wondered what such a garment would look like if he transferred his experience from cutting running clothes to it.

Or the ultra-thin speed suit that Tim has been talking about for a long time. I’m curious to see whether Kipchoge will wear something like this to exploit the last aerodynamic advantages.

I was lucky enough to get one of the Graphene Vests. It had already fascinated me as an early prototype at the SOAR opening party.

SOAR Graphene Vest

The Graphene Vest is such a successful experiment. It is extremely lightweight and hardly noticeable when worn. The printed pattern of Graphene is designed to keep the body temperature in a comfortable range even under racing conditions.

I already like the SOAR Vests very much – especially for competitions. But the Graphene Vest has really made another noticeable difference. That is certainly no reason to spend 230 euros for it 😉 But as I said: experiment, small number of pieces, …

But I just think it’s exciting that SOAR is letting us participate in these innovations. Maybe it will eventually become a series product and push the boundaries of what has been possible up to now.

SOAR Milers

If you are one of the loyal SOAR fans (like me), or simply interested in special benefits, you can become a member of the SOAR Milers. The annual membership costs about 250 euros and brings the following benefits:

  • Exclusive SOAR Miler Race Vest
  • Discounts on purchases (5-15%)
  • Access to exclusive pieces of the collection
  • Two Miler events per year (in London…)
  • SOAR vouchers for new PBs
  • Free repairs
  • Express service
  • Free shipping (unfortunately not to EU)
  • SOAR Miler Newsletter

Designer Notes

That’s what I like most: looking over Tim’s shoulder as he shares his thoughts and the process of developing new designs. That’s exactly what the Designer Notes, which can be found at the bottom of many product pages or in the Journal, convey.

Marathon Speedsuit – SOAR Running

With his sophisticated products, which he always tests extensively himself before they are released, there are often valuable hints hidden there. His explanations have often helped me to better understand the special advantages and functions of a new garment.

HQ and Shop in London

If you’re in London, it’s worth making a stop at Clifton Street to visit the SOAR headquarters and store. With a little luck, you can get advice from the boss himself. In any case, you’ll meet a friendly team who are first and foremost passionate runners, then product developers, and probably only then salespeople.

That doesn’t make the products better or worse. But for me, part of the special connection with the brand is that you can meet and talk to the people behind it face to face.

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