Soar Windbreaker 2.0 and 17cm Short

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When it comes to Soar, I look forward to the winter season every year. Because especially when it comes to functional tops for the rainy and cold season, in my opinion no manufacturer comes close to the English. And that proves to be true again this year.

Sponsored Post: Soar provided me with the products for this review at my request. This had no influence on the content of my post. The article is written indipendently and reflects exclusively my personal experiences.

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Soar Windbreaker 2.0

163 Euro
Time Frame
5 weeks

The windbreaker was already an absolute must-have from the collection in the first version. It is available at an entry-level price (by Soar standards) and can be used quite universally.

The tightly woven material provides – as the name suggests – very good protection from the wind without the need for a membrane. As usual for Soar, the cut is quite sporty, so it won’t flap in the wind.

On the inside, the material is slightly brushed, which is not only pleasant to wear on the skin, but also helps a little with the warmth. It is, after all, an autumn and winter top. Therefore, there are also reflective elements on all hems.

At the back is a diagonally placed zipped pocket that can also ideally hold larger mobile phones. It is so perfectly positioned that the mobile phone practically does not bounce while running! The only new feature of the top (apart from the colour) is directly underneath: an adjustable drawstring. This may sound like an insignificant intervention, but in practice it is exactly the opposite.

Because despite the tight cut, it was possible for wind to get under the bottom hem of the first version of the Soar Windbreaker. Especially if the top slipped up a bit in the back. This is now history with the drawstring.

I also have to admit that I really like the new colours. Besides “signal yellow”, I find the colour “Mercury” shown here very suitable for the dark days.

Did I mention that the Windbreaker 2.0 is even slightly cheaper than the previous model? I can only warmly recommend this top to every runner. I now run almost exclusively in Soar gear – but the Windbreaker is one of those pieces that really hardly gets a break. :)


Soar 17cm Short

Soar 17cm Short
91 Euro
Time Frame
5 weeks

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I was initially sceptical about the new 17cm short. It was only Richards (#soarboys) positive assessment that put the part on my list. Luckily, because otherwise I would have really missed out.

The new shorts are basically a spin-off of the brilliant Three Season Short, which I run with all year round. However, they don’t have an inner tight, but “only” an inner brief.

As with all Soar designs, there is a zipped pocket in the back of the shorts, which is even covered here to protect light tops from wear and tear.

Although the Soar 17cm Short lacks a second layer, I preferred it to the Three Season Short in the last few weeks – and that’s saying something! This was mainly due to the briefs, which give a bit more support than a tight… ;)

In terms of warmth, both shorts were very equivalent for me, so this minimal comfort advantage was the deciding factor for me.


Soar Windbreaker 2.0 and 17cm Short
The king is dead. Long live the king!
I can' t repeat it often enough: Soar simply plays in a different league when it comes to running clothes. As always, both garments reviewed fulfil their function perfectly and have even become a touch better than their predecessors or role models. I would recommend both pieces as the perfect introduction to the Soar world at the moment: both are very universal and can be worn almost all year round.
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