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A blog is not a one-way street. At least it doesn’t have to be. You are welcome to comment on my posts if you have a question or comment.


For quick questions or a short “hello” there is a chat window on the bottom right. If I am online, you can reach me directly and in person. :) If the window does not appear, you may have been too aggressive with your privacy settings. You can correct this here.


In all other cases you can write me a eMail.

Agencies and Brands

For a first orientation I have provided a Mediakit. More detailed information is available on request.

Hi! It’s me, the Harlerunner.

This is where Thomas Pier writes about running and (much more than just the necessary) equipment. I don't run particularly fast or far. But I like to share my experiences as an ambitious recreational runner, curious early-adopter and as my own trainer.

I am happy about every digital contacting - but even more so about every kilometer run together.

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