Soar Trail Shorts

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The Soar range is expanding all the time. In addition to RUN and RACE, the TRAIL products are getting more and more attractive.

Anzeige: The manufacturer provided me with the product for this review at my request. This had no influence on the content of my test report. The article is freely written and exclusively reflects my personal experiences.

Soar Trail Shorts


250 Euro

Time Frame

8 weeks

First Impression

The new trail shorts combine many tried and tested elements – and yet they are new. Basically, they are 2-in-1 shorts with an inner tight and outer trousers.

In contrast to the Dual Run Shorts from Soar, much more emphasis was placed on robustness here. All materials are noticeably “thicker” and give the impression of being able to withstand occasional contact with branches or rocks.

The Soar Trail Shorts are also about being able to carry as much as possible. This is why the gel loops, which are also used in the Marathon Shorts, for example, have been integrated at the front.

However, the two spacious side pockets are completely new. They offer plenty of volume and easy access. The zip pocket at the back is also more spacious than on other Soar bottoms.

All in all, the trail shorts offer everything you need not only on the trail, but also for long training runs.

Running Experience

Normal training runs are sufficient to enjoy the benefits of the trail shorts. The fit is excellent as usual and you wouldn’t need any pockets to be impressed by the shorts.

I also just used them to carry my gels during races and was delighted with the easy access. Soar might have other products on offer for this (and I have them in my wardrobe), but the trail shorts also did their job very well.

Even with fully packed side pockets, I was never worried about losing anything. The picture above shows a complete Ultra Lightweight Gilet from Soar in the pouch – and there would still have been room.

It only got snug with the Tempo top, a long-sleeved jacket. It was stowed away spontaneously, quickly and safely – even if a bit of the sleeve was still sticking out. Incidentally, my GoPro was in the other side pocket when not in use and my mobile phone was also in the back pocket. In terms of weight, none of this was a problem for the shorts.


Soar Trail Shorts
Universal Genius
There is nothing to criticise at all (apart from the price...). The Soar Trail Shorts fit perfectly, work exactly as intended and are also robust for the purpose.

In fact, they are absolutely universal, as they can be used for everything from short training runs to trail ultra races. And they can be used in almost any season.
Price / Performance

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