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Actually this blog post wasn’t scheduled yet, but I just had to do it, because I’m so excited about the Windbreaker. :)

Sponsored Post: Soar provided me with the products for this review at my request. This had no influence on the content of my post. The article is written indipendently and reflects exclusively my personal experiences.

ATTENTION: Soar now has its own EU shop!
Only via will all charges for delivery to Germany be calculated before purchase, so there are no surprises.
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Soar Windbreaker

Soar Windbreaker
170 Euro
Time Frame
4 weeks

With the onset of autumn it has become quite windy here. Especially on my runs over the local “mountain” and through the fields a simple long-sleeve is no longer sufficient. But a jacket to protect me from the wind is also too much for me. Tim Soar must have thought the same when he developed the new Windbreaker.


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First Impression

From the product photos I would have expected a jacket, but the Windbreaker is not exactly that. Without the name I would never have thought that the top is more than a warm long sleeve.

The Windbreaker is available in two colors. I deliberately decided against the black one, because I think the visibility in the dark season is an important factor.

The material of the Windbreaker feels relatively heavy for its low thickness, which is certainly due to the density of the fabric. After all, it has to offer the promised protection against wind. But all in all the shirt is very soft and also slightly stretchy. The inside is gently roughened, which provides additional insulation and is comfortable to wear on the skin.

On the chest, back and on the cuffs are reflective elements to be seen better in the dark. The cuffs are laser-cut and not elastic – at least no more than the material already is.

On the back there is a diagonally placed pocket, which offers enough space for a cell phone. Despite its unusual positioning it is easy to reach.

Running Experience

The Soar Windbreaker has not seen the closet once in the last four weeks. It was rinsed after the run, dried and worn again on the next run. Ok, maybe there were one or two exceptions. But I would have preferred to wear the longsleeve there as well. ;)

It is simply the perfect top for me right now. On relatively warm but windy days you can wear it without any additional layer – even for hard workouts. Even light drizzle can easily be handled by the top.

On colder days the combination with a first layer is recommended. Although it was really cold here in the wind, a thin merino long sleeve was always enough for me. But there would certainly be room for a thicker or even additional layer.

The Soar Windbreaker is cut close to the body and fits me perfectly. That means: it fits tight enough that no wind can get under it (not even at the sleeves), but doesn’t limit the freedom of movement in any way.

I am especially enthusiastic about the pocket. It took me a moment to get used to the diagonal zipper. But due to the unusual position on my back, my cell phone does not move a millimeter when I run. Sometimes I even feel the need to check if it is still there. ;)


Soar Windbreaker
Once again: perfect!
I do not want to take the Soar Windbreaker off again. ;) It is the perfect choice for windy weather - but certainly not only then. In my case it replaces two tops and a windbreaker, which justifies the high price.
Price / Performance

This post is also availiable in German

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