Soar Tech-T 2.0 and Dual Run Shorts

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I’ve checked: I’ve been running in Soar clothing for over four and a half years now. Not exclusively, but very, very often. This is not without reason, because Tim Soar always manages to impress me with new products and updates. Like this time…

Sponsored Post: Soar provided me with the products for this review at my request. This had no influence on the content of my post. The article is written indipendently and reflects exclusively my personal experiences.


Soar Tech-T 2.0

75 Euro
Time Frame
5 Weeks

The lightweight Tech-T is supposed to be the shirt for your easy runs. A shirt that you hardly notice and that just does its job. And in summer that means above all taking care of your sweat.

This is what the really light material is all about. Due to its woven structure it is not only particularly airy, but also very soft and pleasant to wear on the skin. The thin material also ensures a really very good sweat transport.

Otherwise, I probably don’t need to mention that the fit is just perfect. I wear my typical size L and find the Tech-T 2.0 sporty, but by no means too tight. It fits perfectly.

Even though I have chosen the rather inconspicuous colour “sand”, I really also like the two intensive colours “indigo” and “fluro coral”.

By the way, I do not share the opinion that the shirt is only something for the easy days. Far from it: this is a piece of high-tech, which makes the fast intervals on hot days just bearable for me! Although the rather light colour of my shirt quickly shows sweat stains and the fine, Italian fabric is certainly not completely insensitive: when it comes to function and comfort, the Tech-T 2.0 is clearly top class.


Soar Dual Run Shorts

100 Euro
Time Frame
5 Weeks

I have to admit: the shorts don’t really look all that new. At first sight they look very similar to the Three Season Shorts. And yet the inspiration was a different model.

The airy waistband with the drawstring, the roomy zipper pocket in the back and also the outer shorts are much more similar to the Run Shorts. The difference is to be found in the inner lining: based on the Elite Speed Shorts, the Dual Run Shorts include a “long” tight.

Or the other way round: if you feel too “naked” in the Elite Speed Shorts, the Dual Run Shorts just add the extra shorts. The result is a very thin, almost imperceptible pair of running shorts, which I enjoyed a lot on my runs, also because of their comfort.


The Soar Tech-T 2.0 and the Dual Run Shorts are certainly among the finest running gear I have ever worn. Both are very thin and lightweight without losing function and comfort.

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