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The proportion of natural fibres in the Soar Collection is constantly increasing. No wonder: merino wool in particular is very well suited for running clothes due to its warmth and antibacterial properties.

Anzeige: The manufacturer provided me with the products for this test at my request. This had no influence on the content of my test report. The article is freely written and exclusively reflects my personal experiences.

First Impression

The Soar Wooltech Tights is one of these products that make you wonder about the price. After all, they are apparently just a pair of running tights. Right?

The Wooltech tights are made of a relatively thin material when you think about winter use. Reflective details are applied in several places to increase visibility in the dark.

There are two small pockets on the inside of the upper hem where you can store a car key or front door key. As you can see above, Soar has again used silicone dots to keep the pants securely in place. There are four areas in total: at the hip, at the thigh, below the knee and at the leg cuff.

It has a long zip to make it easier to put on. In the picture you can also see that the merino part of the tights is hidden on the inside. The surface is slightly brushed and feels very soft.

There is also a zipped pocket in the back. I can only get my mobile phone in here with great difficulty. But maybe it’s better for food.

Running Experience

I had already practised with the Fast Cargo Tights, so putting on the Wooltech Tights was not particularly difficult. Once you have the tights and their silicone dots in the right place, nothing really slips… I’m not really a big fan of tights, but because of the good fit no one had to persuade me to put them on.

Once again, it is truly amazing how much warmth Soar can get out of such a thin material. Even when the wind was cutting below freezing, I still found the trousers warm enough. At the same time, they didn’t get too warm even in mild temperatures.

The thermoregulation worked pretty well even in the rain. When it starts to rain, you can of course feel the wetness on your skin at some point. But I never got cold or had the feeling that I was soaked. In short: a pretty perfect autumn and winter tight!

Soar Wooltech Top

Time Frame

10 weeks

First Impression

The Wooltech top is not new: it was already introduced last season. So, strictly speaking, it is only a colour update this year – although there are minimal changes in the details (e.g. at the seams).

The merino proportion here is noticeably higher than in the tights: the Wooltech top feels very soft and cosy. There is a very long zipper at the front. The collar is pleasantly high and fits snugly.

Of course, there are the usual thumbholes on the sleeves and the sporty, tight cut typical of Soar. The Wooltech top can also be worn as a first layer – which the soft surface on the inside explicitly invites you to do.

There is a well-placed pocket in the back that keeps a mobile phone safe without bouncing.

Running Experience

The Soar Wooltech Top proves to be extremely universal in practice. In mild temperatures, it can be worn directly on the skin and is always well thermoregulated.

With a merino longsleeve underneath, you can go far into winter and then combine it with a gilet or jacket. For me, the Wooltech top is indispensable and one of the items I would immediately replace if it got lost.

Soar Wooltech Cap


66 Euro

Time Frame

10 weeks

First Impression

OK, let’s be frank: at first glance, this thing looks like it needs a bit of getting used to. All right: at second glance, too. 😉

The Wooltech Cap is made of the same material as the Wooltech Tights: a stretchy nylon outside and wonderfully soft merino inside. The cap is cut to cover the ears. In addition, it can be worn with an elastic band under the chin.

There is a small brim that can be folded upwards if necessary. You can also wear the elastic cord behind your head when you’re not wearing the cap in strong winds. And that’s exactly where it can show off its strengths.

Running Experience

No question: functionally, the Soar Wooltech Cap delivers exactly what Tim had in mind for it. It offers optimal protection in cold and especially windy weather. Thanks to its merino layer, the material keeps you warm even when wet.

However, I am not quite convinced about the design… I didn’t get any questioning looks, but I was expecting them on my first run. To be honest, I would still wear them because the functionality is just right. But then again, that’s almost as true of merino beanies.


Soar Wooltech Tights, Top and Cap
Thumbs up for Wooltech
With the Wooltech products, Soar once again impressively proves how to produce perfect functionality. Coupled with the very good fit, the Wooltech Tights and the Wooltech Top are simply hard to beat. But the cap's unusual look is a bit off-putting.
Price / Performance

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