SOAR Autumn/Winter 2023

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My enthusiasm for SOAR just won’t die down. This is also due to the fact that I am pleasantly surprised every season.

Anzeige: The manufacturer provided me with the products for this review at my request. This had no influence on the content of my test report. The article is freely written and exclusively reflects my personal experiences.

The Wooltech Mock Neck is a completely new top. It is made from a particularly fine merino wool that has been combined with elastane to feel particularly soft against the skin.

And the team at Soar have done a really good job: the top feels almost luxurious to wear. It also has a really good cut, which makes it fit a little differently to other tops. It’s not quite as tight, but not airy either. Basically, you just get the freedom of movement you need.

As with all products from the Wooltech range, you should trust the thin material to provide a lot of insulation. Even when worn next to the skin, it was almost too warm for me during a quick training session at just under 9°C.

Thanks to the ingenious thermoregulation of merino wool, it can also be worn on mild days for easy basic runs. Or as a base layer under other layers in the cold winter.

Soar Tempo Top


220 Euro

Time frame

8 weeks

Admittedly, the Tempo Top is nothing new – apart from the colour scheme. However, I hadn’t really grown fond of the thin top for fast running sessions – until now.

This wasn’t so much down to the function or material, but for me personally it was the wrong size. I actually always wear a “L” with Soar and always found the Tempo Top a little too tight-fitting…

I therefore went for an “XL” for the current jacket and couldn’t be happier. The Tempo top certainly still fits the way Soar designed it. But now I feel much more comfortable in it and have a bit more room to wear a base layer underneath.

The thin material should not be underestimated: even when worn next to the skin, it provides pleasant warmth for fast running sessions in cool weather. Fortunately, the warmth can also be regulated very easily via the long front zip.

Soar Race Base Layer


130 Euro

The Race Base Layer is an obvious, but nevertheless exciting new product. Based on the outstanding material of the Race Vests, a long-sleeved version has been created that can be worn either solo or with a vest on colder days.

The material is very thin and airy, so that you can hardly feel the Race Base Layer on your skin. The fabric is also very soft and comfortable to wear.

I haven’t yet used the top in a real competition. In mild temperatures, however, I have often worn it under a long top or a thin jacket, where the Race Base Layer is very good at wicking away sweat. It has also served me well on the treadmill.

Soar Race Vest


115 Euro

Time frame

8 weeks

With the Race Vests, Tim Soar has apparently reached a point where the product and material can no longer be improved. I can only confirm this from experience! But that doesn’t mean that the English manufacturer has no new ideas.

I like the design of the latest Race Vest so much that I had to buy it straight away – even though there isn’t a race coming up where I could wear it. But that will come sooner or later, so I can enjoy the anticipation. In the meantime, I can wear the beautiful Race Vest for intervals on the treadmill.

Soar Arm Sleeves


64 Euro

Time frame

8 weeks

I’ve had my eye on arm sleeves for a long time. To be honest, I’ve never run with them before, although I’m well aware of their usefulness in certain scenarios.

My first test runs on the treadmill were very promising. The sleeves fit well and securely – once you’ve got used to them. Pulling them down and sliding them back on was also no problem. Could be an excellent option for the first spring races.

Soar Socks


26-32 Euro

Time frame

8 weeks

I can’t have enough Soar socks either – so I ordered two new designs. Usually, my socks have a rather short life expectancy because I get a hole on my big toe relatively quickly. Soar is one of the few brands where this doesn’t happen to me.


SOAR Autumn/Winter 2023
As always: just good
As always, Soar simply delivers on function, quality, fit and innovation. For me, the products are in a league of their own. This comes at a price, but I'm happy to pay it because the value for money is simply right. There is a good reason why my running wardrobe is almost exclusively labelled with the four letters s-o-a-r.
Price / Performance

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