FAR Running – contemporary running wear from Barcelona

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There is a new, exciting brand from Spain whose designs appealed to me at first glance. At second glance, there was much more to discover. But read for yourself.

Sponsored Post: FAR provided me with some of the products for this review at my request. This had no influence on the content of my post. The article is written indipendently and reflects exclusively my personal experiences.

FAR Running

FAR says about themselves that they are just a group of friends who like running. And obviously the existing running brands didn’t appeal to them, because they decided to create their own running clothes. Simply out of the joy for running and with the desire not to be bound by any rules. At least that’s the origin story…

But there is more behind this glamorous image. FAR has set itself the goal of manufacturing as much as possible locally. In other words, in Spain or Portugal. They rely on sustainable fabrics, some of which are vegan, create local jobs and work with small factories around Barcelona. They also seem to have a good hand for fabrics and design, as the current collection proves.

Performance Collection

Of course, the Performance Collection is a brand’s flagship. Even though I immediately notice the beautiful colour palette and a few chic design elements: it’s actually about fabrics and cuts.

So far I’ve only been able to test the Performance Running Short, but it’s really promising. The material is soft and elastic, and it wicks sweat well. The fabric looks very familiar and could also be used by more expensive brands.

Cut and function are on a high level – even if I miss a zipped pocket at the back. The two inside pockets are ok, but probably better for keys or a gel.

I find the Ultralight Performance Singlet particularly cool. The only thing missing on the light blue version is the “10” on the back. ;)

Classic Collection

In the Classic Collection you will find the light performance fabrics again, but there are also merino tops among them. The colour palette is less striking: there is only dark blue and black. ;)

The 3/4 merino longsleeve has an unusual sleeve length that turned out to be quite practical on my runs. The watch is not covered and on warmer days the sleeve can easily be pushed behind the elbow.

Since there was advice to order one size larger for FAR, the longsleeve was unfortunately a bit too loose on me. It would have fit much better in my normal size. But that didn’t stop the merino wool from doing a good job while running. ;)

Street and After Run

For the real running lifestyle, of course, you also need clothes made of cotton that you can wear in everyday life or on casual runs. And cotton at FAR definitely means “organic cotton”.

I got the Running Romance Organic Cotton Tee. A really thin, comfortable cotton shirt that I even used for running. :)

The Pacer and Athletisme tees are more for leisure time. Also made of organic cotton, of course, but in a slightly thicker version.


Last but not least, FAR Running also has products for the extremities. I never go running without a cap, for example. So I was pleasantly surprised that FAR has teamed up with Fractel for this part and has two Collab caps on offer.

Besides headbands and water bottles, this category also includes the obligatory running socks – but in the colourful version. :) My test socks, the High Cut Socks Black, were less colourful but very functional.

The durability test was again done by my big toe and there was nothing wrong with the material. For me personally, however, there was a bit too much compression in the material.


FAR Running – contemporary running wear from Barcelona
Keep in mind
I find the first impact of FAR Running quite remarkable. The performance line offers good design and good fabrics at a reasonable price.

Overall, I do see potential for development. But it is a fresh, young brand that I will definitely keep an eye on.
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