adidas SL20

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With Lightstrike, adidas brings a new cushioning material to the starting lines that is designed to offer lower weight and greater comfort. Matching this, the SL also stands for “super light” in the new adidas SL20. For me it is the first shoe from Herzogenaurach without boost cushioning.

Sponsored Post: adidas provided me with the products for this review at my request. This had no influence on the content of my post. The article is written indipendently and reflects exclusively my personal experiences.


adidas SL20

adidas SL20
130 Euro
Time Frame
6 weeks
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First Impressions

The SL20 is definitely a real adidas. You can see that at first glance. I really like the colour combination of black, white and “signal coral”. It looks like “fast”.

The shoe also has the typical silhouette and the rather narrow fit. Only the cushioning is different: the cushion package looks relatively flat and of course the well-known boost beads are missing.

There are no experiments with the outsole: the proven rubber from Continental is used. There is also a central bridge which is clearly visible. The element is intended to provide a fast rolling motion.

The upper consists of a mesh material that is designed to provide a comfortable, secure fit in the shoe. The heel cap is as usual firm and well padded.

At 521 grams for both shoes in my size, the adidas SL20 has really become a real featherweight. I haven’t had a lighter adidas on my foot yet! Even the Adios 3 weighs 20 grams more.

Running Experience

A real adidas – this is immediately clear when you put it on. The fit is just right for my rather long and narrow feet. There’s simply no pulling or pushing, so I can get going right away.

The low weight (for an adidas) is quite noticeable when running. The SL20 is a light, agile shoe that has good grip and good contact with the ground. It is noticeably more shoe than the Adios 3, but also does not yet have the weight of the Boston 8.

With faster runs I would have expected more from the new Lightstrike cushioning. I would have like a little more bounce. But maybe the boost material is still responsible for that. The combination of Lightstrike and Boost will certainly be exciting, for example in the new Adios 5.


The “super light” adidas SL20 shows the new characteristics of the Lightstrike material. The result is an interesting mix of comfort and light weight. However, I am missing a little bit of the beloved boost feeling.

The SL20’s low price is also noteworthy: at the moment it is easily available online for under 80 Euros.

adidas SL20
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