Saysky Spring 2022

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Is it really three years since my last Saysky review?! It was time to take a look at the successful Danish brand again.

Sponsored Post: Saysky provided me with the products for this review at my request. This had no influence on the content of my post. The article is written indipendently and reflects exclusively my personal experiences.

Saysky – Revisited

The Saysky brand has been with me since I started running – my first review here on the blog was six years ago. Nevertheless, I still find almost all the pieces in my wardrobe, while other brands come and go.

As described in my Brand Guide, Saysky stands above all for eye-catching designs and good value for money. This has not changed in principle – however, the product range has been significantly expanded: you can now also find technically sophisticated jackets or backpacks at Saysky.

But the basic collection seems to be unchanged (except for the designs). I find my beloved 2-in-1 shorts as well as T-shirts and longsleeves. To get a glimpse of possible changes, I also included a gilet.


Saysky 2-in-1 Shorts

74 Euro
Time Frame
6 weeks

The shorts are an absolute classic. I still really like the combination of inner tight and thin outer shorts because they are so universal and can be worn virtually all year round. At Saysky, they are currently available in eight different designs: in plain colours, with eye-catching prints or in colour combinations.

All the shorts have a zipped pocket in the back, of course, but it’s too small for my current mobile phone. Thanks to the sweat-repellent membrane, it would actually be ideal for this. Smaller mobile phones, keys or cards are of course safely stored there. The mobile phone can also be stored in one of the two leg pockets of the inner pants, which to my surprise are a new feature.

Two further small pockets, e.g. for gels, are located on the inside of the waistband of the shorts. This makes the shorts a small transport miracle. However, you shouldn’t pack too much weight into them, otherwise the comfort is lost.


Saysky Clean Pace T-Shirt

49 Euro
Time Frame
6 weeks

The T-shirt is also an old acquaintance and I am glad that the inconspicuous “Clean” version is still available – currently in four colours. Meanwhile, the shirts are made of 46% recycled polyester.

The Pace shirts are wonderfully soft and (like all Saysky shirts) have a small patch on the right side of the back. The T-shirts are also available in a slightly lighter material as a combat version. You can choose from a total of almost 30 designs.


Saysky Classic Motion Longsleeve

60 Euro
Time Frame
6 weeks

Even though the shirt has “Classic” in its name, it is new to me in this form. It is made from a blend of polyester and Tencel, a sustainably sourced wood fibre. This results in a surprisingly soft blend that feels like cotton on the skin.

Nevertheless, it remains a real performance shirt, of course, but it looks just as good on the beach and in everyday life.


Saysky Clean Blaze Vest

99 Euro
Time Frame
6 weeks

The Blaze Vest is one of Saysky’s new, more technical products. It is primarily intended as protection against wind, but of course also offers an additional layer of warmth when needed. Now in spring, both are very welcome.

While a Saysky-Dry material made of ripstop polyester is used on the outside, the west is equipped with a mesh lining on the inside.

The Clean Blaze Vest has two zipped pockets at the front, which are quite generously sized. The fit of the gilet can be adjusted with a drawstring in the cuff.

Running Experience

The fit of all the pieces was really good! The T-shirt fit noticeably better around the shoulders in direct comparison with products from two years ago. It also has the right sporty cut: not too wide, but not too tight either. The longsleeve was a little tighter on me, which is OK as a baselayer. To wear it alone, I would probably choose a size larger.

The Blaze Vest was the widest cut – just enough to be comfortable to put on over two existing layers of clothing. When I was running, I could feel the protection. However, the zips at the front bothered me a bit because I touched them with my hands all the time. I’m also not quite sure what to carry in the pockets. A mobile phone bounces around far too much.

I really liked the extra pockets on the shorts. However, I would like them to be a little deeper so that the storage feels more secure. Overall, though, I was very impressed to find so many improvements at Saysky.


Saysky Spring 2022
Sayksy is so successful for a reason: they stay true to their design concept and offer new cool motifs year after year, but always also monochrome pieces.

In terms of materials, there is a trend towards more sustainability, while in my experience cut, comfort and function have even improved slightly. The price-performance ratio is great!
Price / Performance

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