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I wanted to keep an eye on FAR Running because the first collection already convinced me. Now the Spaniards are also venturing onto the trails.

Sponsored Post: FAR provided me with the products for this review at my request. This had no influence on the content of my post. The article is written indipendently and reflects exclusively my personal experiences.


FAR Trail Ultralight Performance Running Tee

FAR Trail Ultralight Performance Running Tee
45 Euro
Time Frame
3 weeks

The Trail Collection at FAR currently consists of only four pieces: a jacket, a cotton T-shirt, a pair of shorts and the ultra-light Performance Tee. All pieces are distinguishable from the rest of the collection mainly by a different logo.

The stripe design of the Trail Ultralight Performance Running Tee is available in both green and red. For the material, the young company from Barcelona relies on the proven fabrics from the existing performance collection.

Ultimately, this probably means that the Trail Tee only differs from the other shirts in terms of design ;) But that’s not bad, because the cut and function are really good. The material is very soft and light, so you quickly forget about it when wearing it. It also transports moisture pretty well.

XL was the right size for me this time, even though I usually wear a L. Maybe it would have fit here too, but then it would have been much more sporty…


FAR Trail Ultralight 2 in 1 Short

FAR Trail Ultralight 2 in 1 Short
79 Euro
Time Frame
3 Wochen

The shorts also have the large FAR Trail logo visible from afar. Is this a tight with a short over it, or a short with long liner? In any case, you get both. ;)

The inner tight is really comfortable and keeps everything in place – if you know what I mean. ;) The shorts over them wouldn’t be needed for the function. However, I much prefer to wear 2-in-1 shorts than just tights. So I really like the FAR solution.

The shorts also lack a bit of real trail relevance. I would have expected leg pockets or an integrated waist belt. However, FAR only provides the shorts with two small, internal pockets for e.g. gels or other provisions.

But the shorts are probably also designed more for performance and short competitions – and for rather warm temperatures.


FAR Running – On Trails
For the price, FAR Running offers really good quality, function and design. However, I would have liked the function to be much more related to the collection theme. The shorts in particular would have had a lot of potential.
Price / Performance

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