X-Bionic Invent 4.0 Running Speed Shirt and Pants

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X-Bionic is back and brings its new generation of functional clothing in Retina Ultra-High Definition quality. I had a closer look at what this means exactly for the Invent product line.

Sponsored Post: X-Bionic provided me with the products for this review at my request. This had no influence on the content of my post. The article is written indipendently and reflects exclusively my personal experiences.

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X-Bionic Invent 4.0 Running Speed Shirt

X-Bionic Invent 4.0 Running Speed Shirt
105 Euro
Time frame
9 weeks

When unpacking you immediately notice what is meant by “retina”. Just as the term stands for a particularly high resolution for screens, the new textiles from X-Bionic are particularly finely woven.

This is a visible and tactile difference to the last generation, which I was allowed to test already. What remained are of course different functional zones in the material. The elements of the 3D Bionic Sphere System are particularly striking on the chest and back.

This system cools when you sweat and warms when you freeze. So it’s all about optimal climate control. Another update is the optimized cut of the skin-tight textiles – especially in the area of the shoulders and waistband.

The fine texture of the new material is instantly noticeable when put on: the X-Bionic Invent 4.0 Running Speed Shirt feels wonderfully soft on the skin. The waistband may be a bit long, but that is definitely an advantage in winter.

Actually, I found that I like the X-Bionic technology even more in winter than in summer. Especially the top has been very popular in the last few weeks. Sometimes I wore it only under a wind jacket, or as a first layer under other warm layers. I was always able to experience the really excellent climate regulation: I was never too warm or too cold. No matter if I bolted intervals or did a long run at almost double-digit temperatures.


X-Bionic Invent 4.0 Running Speed Pant

X-Bionic Invent 4.0 Running Speed Pant
109 Euro
Time frame
9 weeks

The pants are in no way inferior to the top in terms of functional zones and material properties. In contrast to “normal” running tights, they have a soft, high waistband that does not need a drawstring.

However, there are no other extras: there is just a small key pocket on the inside. On the other hand, the trousers are incredibly comfortable. It fits like a second skin and is wonderfully soft on the skin. They are certainly not particularly thick, but they have kept me warm even in cold, almost icy winds. On the other hand, the X-Bionic Invent 4.0 Running Speed Pant has never been too warm, no matter what I did with it.


(Almost) everything done right
With the new generation 4.0 X-Bionic has successfully returned! The Invent 4.0 Running Speed Pant and Shirt work perfectly, are very comfortable to wear and are definitely an enrichment for my running wardrobe. The only thing I find a bit sparse is the equipment with pockets.
X-Bionic Invent 4.0 Running Speed Shirt and Pants
Price / Performance
    1. Hi Peter, X-Bionic is always optimizing the performance of their garmets. “Twyce” had twice the evaporation surface of the previous models. Invent is another optimization step. The biggest difference is the much finer fabric.

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