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For me, 2020 is a very successful year so far. Not only in terms of training, but it is also going well with the new discoveries. I get the feeling that Scandinavian brands simply suit me very well ;)

Sponsored Post: Salming provided me with the products for this review at my request. This had no influence on the content of my post. The article is written indipendently and reflects exclusively my personal experiences.


Salming Speed 8

Salming Speed 8
110 Euro
Time Frame
6 weeks

First Impressions

I think it was a Speed 6, which I had spontaneously tried on in the store during a visit to Berlin. The brand was not completely new to me, but I didn’t know of any reviews. Anyway, the shoe felt very good on my foot – and fortunately that didn’t change even two versions later.

The Swedish brand stands for “No Nonsense”, but at first sight the shoe does not necessarily look like that ;) The shimmering surface is definitely an eye-catcher.

In addition, there is a striking lettering and neon-orange cushioning. Anyway: I really like the look of this shoe. :) Name and cushioning already indicate that it is probably a fast shoe.

On the other hand, the outsole has turned out very complete – especially under the forefoot. A striking feature is the embossing on an element in the midfoot.

The numbers seem to stand for a special torsion element that Salming uses to improve the energy transfer during running.

Heel cap and lacing are well padded and promise an equally good foothold. Salmings Recoil+ is used for cushioning and completes the “Natural Running Support System”.

With only 522 grams, the Speed 8 according to my classification falls into the featherweight and thus clearly into the segment of competition shoes.

Running Experience

As already mentioned, the Salming Speed 8 is a shoe I felt well in right from the first steps. This has of course to do with the fit and the good comfort despite the low weight. But certainly also with the cushioning. The shoe feels very dynamic and gives back energy without feeling too soft. Hard to describe… But I like it very much. :)

I usually wear shoes like the Speed 8 for competitions or very fast training sessions only. But I could run the Salming for a much wider spectrum of training sessions.


Around the Block
10k Race


Exciting discovery
I really liked the Salming Speed 8. It is light, has good cushioning and has been inconspicuous in the best sense of the word while running. That’s what “No Nonsense” stands for… ;)

This post is also availiable in German

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