Soar Singlet 2.0, Speed Shorts 2.0 and Ankle Socks

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Even though I have already shown some of the pieces in my article on the Soar X Tour, they deserve their own article.

Sponsored Post: I bought the products with a discount by the manufacturer. This had no influence on the content of my post. The article is written indipendently and reflects exclusively my personal experiences.


Soar Singlet 2.0

ca. 70 Euro
Time frame
4 weeks

Soar differentiates in its collection between the Race Vest and the Singlet. To be honest, I wasn’t really aware of that and I was surprised that there is already the second version of the Singlet.

Of course a very light material is used again, but it is a little denser than on the Race Vest. Also the cut is not quite as body-hugging. Nevertheless, the good freedom of movement and the pleasantly light wearing comfort remain.

The design is eye-catching due to the chessboard pattern, but in the color combination of black and beige it is also not too fancy. I also like the fact that the design of the front and back differ.

When running, the singlet is hardly noticeable. Similar to the Race Vest, the sweat is optimally transported away. However, the singlet does not make you feel as minimally clothed ;) I can also imagine wearing the singlet as a thin first layer in autumn and winter. Although that’s a pity with the cool design. ;)


Soar Elite Speed Shorts 2.0

ca. 94 Euro
Time frame
4 weeks

The Speed Shorts are as minimal as tights can be. They are cut so tight that only a rubber band is needed as a waistband.

The rubber doesn’t have to do much at all, because there are silicone nubs on the inside of the legs and hips to prevent slipping. A little tip: when putting on the garment you should fold the leg end up so that the knobs point outwards. ;)

Of course there is a back pocket with zipper. But it is also kept very minimal and at the most suitable for a few gels or the car key.

I prefer to wear shorts rather than tights, so the new half tights were not necessarily my first choice. However, they belonged to the special Soar-X-Tour-Bundle – and I couldn’t miss the Race Vest. ;) But I have to admit that I think the fit of the tight is pretty great. It’s so minimal and light that it’s especially suitable for competitions in hot weather. Therefore I will surely use it again.


Soar Ankle Socks

ca. 18 Euro
Time frame
4 weeks

Okay, okay… i have to admit that the socks already had been in the last article. But I wear three pairs of Ankle Socks in constant change and rarely feel the need to go to another brand.

This is due to the perfect length (at least for the summer), the fit and the good quality. In my case the toenail of the thick toe always works its way through the material relatively quickly. And there are only few brands that can resist this for a long time. In addition to Falke and Incylence, one of them is Soar – who would have thought it? ;)

For the winter I will definitely buy some All Weather Socks – they have proven themselves over time and are unique because of their moisture protection.

I find the prices of the socks very reasonable for their quality and design. Meanwhile, there are also sock packs available, which save money noticeably.


Soar Singlet 2.0, Speed Shorts 2.0 and Ankle Socks
So far Soar has never disappointed me, so I can only repeat: the products are simply good. Very good even.

However, I would also prefer the prices to be a bit more moderate ;)
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