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Everyone is talking about sustainability. At the ISPO 2020 it was the big topic. I am therefore pleased to be able to test clothing from thoni mara.

Sponsored Post: thoni mara provided me with the products for this review at my request. This had no influence on the content of my post. The article is written indipendently and reflects exclusively my personal experiences.

thoni mara

When Christian Schwab was looking for a name for his running collection in 2007, he turned “Marathoni” into his new brand name “thoni mara”. Since then, the designer and ambitious endurance athlete has taken a somewhat different path with his company. He produces and sews the fabrics with a small team in the Erzgebirge mountains, where he can draw on a textile tradition of over 100 years. His manufacture is not only fair: thoni mara is also committed to animal and environmental protection by supporting the vegan initiative “Laufen gehen Leiden“.


thoni mara Longsleeve NYC

55 Euro
Time Frame
8 weeks

thoni mara has always been a byword for rather colourful, skin-tight running clothes. Just like this longsleeve shirt.

The tight cut has of course a function: through direct skin contact, sweat can be absorbed directly and transported to the outside. In addition, the material is odour-inhibiting and does not chafe.

I found one small detail particularly characteristic of the fair production at thoni mara: not only was the typical product tag attached to the shirt, but I also got to know one of the faces behind the brand. I thought it was very authentic and nice. Probably Julia really packed and shipped my delivery. :)

I have worn the shirt a lot in the last few weeks because I am simply thrilled with it. It is pleasantly soft on the skin and works exactly as described: you never feel wet in it and you stay warm – if you wear it as a baselayer, which was actually always the case on cold days.

But to wear it solo, you have to feel “slim enough” ;) At the moment nobody can see me running anyway, so I was able to test the function at sweaty intervals. Despite the cold air and a lot of sweat I didn’t freeze in the shirt and didn’t need the jacket I was carrying.


thoni mara NRG2-Race-Tight

70 Euro
Aktiv getestet
3 weeks

The short tight is also typically thoni mara: the material feels the same as the top, but it also reflects far infrared rays. This is supposed to lead to a greater feeling of warmth and thus to more blood circulation, which is beneficial to performance.

In the back there is a zipper pocket, in which with some effort even my mobile phone fitted. It sits a bit lower than I am used to, but that was no disadvantage when running.

The red elements on the leg ends are pockets for e.g. gels during the race. I found the position a bit impractical, because you almost have to bend down to get to the pockets. That’s ok if you only have to pull out a gel. As a storage space for my GoPro, which I have to get to several times during the race, this was not a good solution.

Otherwise I found the tight very comfortable while running, but I’m not sure if I could perceive the infrared effect. At least I felt warm in the NRG2 Race-Tight even in cold temperatures and still wouldn’t have to worry that it would get too warm in a race.


thoni mara running vest G-Loft 2.0

150 Euro
Time Frame
8 weeks

For me, vests are among the most universal pieces of clothing for runners. In winter they can be an additional layer of warmth and in summer they can just be worn over a t-shirt. The toni mara running vest is equipped with G-Loft material and is therefore very light.

There are two zippered side pockets, which are sufficiently large. I found the vest so comfortable and suitable for everyday use that it was almost more used in leisure time. ;)


thoni mara Fleece-Hoodie

120 Euro
Time Frame
3 weeks

I saved my favorite piece for last. :) The cosy fleece hoodie hasn’t seen the closet in the last three weeks because I wear it all the time: as a leisure sweater and of course for running.

The material is slightly roughened on the inside and also feels very comfortable directly on the skin. The hoodie also warms quite well, but is not exactly windproof.

The two zippered pockets on the sides are easy to reach and are appropriately large. The thumb hole on the sleeves is handy when walking and does not disturb when not in use.

I really liked the fleece hoodie while running. The warmth is quite comfortable and because the material lets some wind through, there is no danger of overheating.


I like it!
I really liked all products from thoni mara. Design, quality and function have been very good. The fair production in Germany is also an important plus point for me! Only the skin-tight tops are perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea.
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