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Kossmann – this name stands for functional running wear from Germany. André Kossmann is a passionate runner and former competitive athlete. I had the opportunity to take a closer look at some pieces of his current collection.

Sponsored Post: Kossmann provided me with the products for this review at my request. This had no influence on the content of my post. The article is written indipendently and reflects exclusively my personal experiences.


Kossmann 1.5 Ultra Duo Top

180 Euro
Time frame
9 weeks

We start with an interesting top, which is a mixture of membrane jacket and winter longsleeve. Accordingly, two materials come together here. The blue elements on the front and the upper sides of the arms are protected from wind and weather by a membrane. The grey fabric at the back and sides is a soft, warm fleece that provides good insulation and breathability.

A zipper pocket is very cleverly hidden on the side in the transition between the two fabrics. André Kossmann seems to pay special attention to the zippers. He underlines that these are always custom-made (in Germany) and durable.

While running in this warm winter I could verify that the product idea is really good. You don’t always need a rain jacket and sometimes just a warm top is not enough.

The 1.5 Ultra Duo Top was a really good alternative in obscure weather conditions. It kept me warm without sweating underneath. At the same time the membrane provides good and sufficient rain protection when you need it. For a real rain run I would certainly reach for a jacket, but drizzle or showers are easy to cope with with the 1.5 Ultra Duo Top.


Kossmann Artic Tight

100 Euro
Time frame
9 weeks

The Arctic Tight is not your ordinary winter running tight either. The fact that it is black and the material is roughened from the inside is of course not surprising. ;)

However, on the back you can find two net pockets in addition to the generous zipper pocket. They are so large and so cleverly arranged that I could easily carry my mobile phone in them.

The leg end is also provided with a zipper, which makes getting in and out a little easier.

While running I was thrilled about the excellent functionality of the tight. The mentioned 3-pocket-system is very practical if you want to take a rain jacket or food with you besides your mobile phone. The only disadvantage (in winter): the pockets are mostly covered by the top and are not so easily accessible.

Otherwise I found the fit very good, the material felt good and kept me warm in all situations without overheating.


Kossmann 2.5 Plus Membran Jacke

200 Euro
Time frame
9 weeks

You should read the explanatory text on the 2.5 Plus membrane jacket from Kossmann. Because here, too, André Kossmann proves that he has really dealt with the materials used.

The jacket protects against wind and weather by the integrated membrane and should remain as breathable as possible. It has a soft, textile inside, which is very comfortable on the skin.

On the side there are two large zipper pockets, which certainly offer more than enough space for gloves. The ends of the sleeves are shaped to give the back of the hand as much protection as possible.

When running, the jacket feels good and follows all movements without any rustling or crackling. The seams are not waterproof, so some moisture can penetrate to the inside during longer rain runs. But that is hardly worth mentioning. For me, the cut was slightly too generous, even though this did not affect the overall good fit.


Fair offer
You can clearly see that André Kossmann is a runner and somehow also a tinkerer ;) The tested running apparel is very well thought out and functional. It should also be emphasized that all fabrics come from Italy or Austria and the production remains completely in Europe.

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