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The perfect rain jacket has been updated. The team around Tim Soar has once again improved many details and made a very good product even better.

Anzeige: The manufacturer provided me with the product for this review at my request. This had no influence on the content of my test report. The article is freely written and exclusively reflects my personal experiences.

Soar Nano Rain Jacket


418 Euro

Time Frame

12 weeks

First Impression

The Soar Nano Rain Jacket is the successor to last year’s Soar Nano Jacket. Therefore, at first glance, it looks like there has only been a colour update. By the way, the new green looks really, really good.

The hood of the rain jacket is almost unchanged. When not in use, it can be secured with a snap fastener so that it does not flap in the wind.

The inner structure of the hood also looks very familiar to me. The only change in the fit is that the peak is now slightly longer to provide even more protection in the rain.

At the back, the drawstring can be adjusted to keep the hood securely on the head all the way around the forehead – no matter what the weather conditions.

There is a similar adjustment mechanism at the hip: a modified drawstring ensures the perfect fit. It is no longer in the hem, but placed a little higher. It can also be operated from the outside.

In the back, the Soar Nano Rain Jacket has a large pocket for carrying gloves or a mobile phone.

Apart from the optimised details, there is also a fundamental change: the material. The Soar Nano Rain Jacket now uses a slightly heavier fabric that Soar developed itself and calls “EPIC-3L”. Between the outer and inner layers is a membrane with holes in the nano scale.

This unique material (only used by Soar) has a value of 2.7 on the RET scale (water vapour transmission resistance) – values of under 6 are very good. The minimal resistance of the Nano Rain Jacket is therefore unparalleled and results in extremely good breathability of the jacket. Even with high humidity on the outside, no water vapour accumulates on the inside and you stay dry under the jacket even during sweaty sessions. Water from the outside cannot penetrate anyway thanks to the jacket’s DWR treatment.

Running Experience

All in all, it is hardly surprising that the Soar Nano Rain Jacket works pretty perfectly in practice. I have never once had the feeling that I was getting wetter on the inside than on the outside.

Because of this plastic bag effect, you normally only put on a rain jacket when you can’t help it. This is definitely different with the Nano Rain. Where I’ve only worn a gilet or the Soar Ultra Jacket before, I was just as well equipped with the Nano Rain Jacket – which even comes with a hood.

I also like the fact that the jacket is a bit more robust overall. In this price segment, a product like this should not only function well, but also withstand a bit of wear and tear. I have no worries about that with the Nano Rain Jacket.


Soar Nano Rain Jacket
The Soar Nano Rain Jacket is pretty much the best rain jacket for runners you can imagine. At least according to my standards and needs. For the admittedly really high price, you get unique breathability and functionality - paired with a perfect fit and a beautiful look. I certainly won't give them away anymore.
Price / Performance

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