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It’s Tim Soar’s own fault if I have very high expectations for the third version of a product. Because usually the second revision is already “perfect” at the latest. ;)

Sponsored Post: Soar offered me a discount to buy the product for this review. This had no influence on the content of my post. The article is written indipendently and reflects exclusively my personal experiences.

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Soar Ultra Jacket 3.0

Soar Ultra Jacket 3.0
210 Euro
Time Frame
3 Weeks

Pretty much three years ago, there was the first version of the rain jacket, followed a year later by the Ultra Rain Jacket 2.0. By both models I was very excited, because the material used was unique: there was no other rain jacket on the market with such a high water vapor permeability. This made the “plastic bag effect” a thing of the past.

Two years ago, the Soar All Weather Jacket was added to the collection. The jacket is the egg-laying, milk-bearing woolly sow among running jackets, because it not only warms, but is also windproof and waterproof.

However, no membrane is in charge of the waterproofness, but a very, very tightly woven material, which is additionally water-repellent. Because it is woven, the breathability is also excellent – to a degree that rain jackets could never achieve.

This jacket has now also undergone a revision, whereby the protection against rain has been improved again by a multiple coating.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, the new Ultra Jacket 3.0 is, so to speak, the common child of the two models mentioned and inherits their best features.

Tim Soar can explain this much better himself, which he does very gladly in his “Designer’s Notes on Film“:


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First Impression

The Soar Ultra Jacket 3.0 is thus in some ways a whole new jacket. Although it continues to adhere to the basic principle of the Soar rain jackets: thin, light, no extras – except for a back pocket.

The jacket is available in the color “Space Grey” shown here and in plain black.

I have to admit that I was not initially drawn to “Space Grey”… But when my black version was accidentally delivered one size too small, I have changed my mind on the exchange and could not be more satisfied with it. :)

The Ultra Jacket 3.0 closes at the top with a soft stand-up collar and has no hood. I find it quite practical in other rain jackets, but do not miss it at all in the Soar jacket. After all, it is not intended for walking, but “Performance Wear“.

The cuffs of the sleeves are cut like the Soar Windbreaker: there’s elastic on the inside, while the outside is slightly longer.

At the bottom hem there is a elastic band, which allows width adjustment of the Soar Ultra Jacket 3.0. Overall, the jacket is again sporty tight cut. The elastic band can additionally prevent wind from reaching under the jacket.

The back pocket is so well placed that even a heavy cell phone does not bounce in it. However, this is also the greatest weight that you should put on the light jacket. Much better housed in it are gloves or a bandana.

Running Experience

I’ve already mentioned the athletic fit, but I haven’t said anything about the material. This is not only absolutely unusual, but also exclusive for Soar. You can tell right away that it can’t be a “foil” or membrane, because it’s not smooth. But you have to look with a magnifying glass to see the fabric structure.

In addition, the “Rainout” material is elastic, which of course also benefits the perfect fit. Thus, you do not have the feeling of wearing a jacket at all. The Ultra Jacket is more like a soft longsleeve, which you want to wear not only on rainy days.

And that’s exactly how you should plan it into your clothing layers: on mild autumn days, I had only a T-shirt under the jacket and was thus well equipped even without rain. Even in sweaty passages, the Soar Ultra Jacket 3.0 was just as comfortable to wear as if it were not a rain jacket. ;)

At the same time, however, it is just that! Even after good an hour in the rain the drops still just roll off the material. There were no soaked spots, no condensation on the inside (except for “sweat abrasion”) and no dripping sleeves, because water would have collected there. Even the partly whipping wind during one of the test runs couldn’t change that.


Soar Ultra Jacket 3.0
Absolute Perfection
The Soar Ultra Jacket 3.0 is the perfect rain jacket. Period. There is nothing comparable on the market, because the material is absolutely unique and fulfills its function simply very, very well.

Even good alternatives from other manufacturers are not significantly cheaper, which again underlines my recommendation.

Who would like to have a cold protection in addition to the rain protection, reaches for the Soar All Weather Jacket 2.0. If a protection against drizzle is enough, the Soar Windbreaker also comes into question.
Price / Performance

This post is also availiable in German

  1. Now that the Soar nano jacket has been released, has this jacket been superceded? I.e. are there any advantages of this jacket over the new nano jacket?

    And if you had to choose just one Soar jacket, which would it be and why?

    1. The Nano Jacket has a membrane, therefore has the more durable rain protection. The Ultra Jacket has a “Double-DWR-treatment”, which is great for light rain or some showers, but I wouldn’t choose it for heavy rain. But it is lighter and feels more breathable.

      I could do with just an All Weather Jacket for bad weather and a Ultra Lightweight Gilet.

  2. Thanks for your reply. I am using the iamrunbox backpack Pro 2.0 to run to work with a laptop and change of clothes. Do you know if the Soar all weather 3.0 and ultra jackets accommodates the use of a backpack or are they too delicate for one?

    I also use a Salomon hydration vest when long distance running/hiking in the mountains so wasn’t sure if only the nano jacket can accommodate this?

    The problem with the nano is that it is specially designed for rain and so appears to be less breathable than the other soar jackets and I don’t always run in rain. But I normally always wear a backpack or hydration vest.

    1. The problem with the nano is that it is specially designed for rain and so appears to be less breathable than the other soar jackets and I don’t always run in rain. But I normally always wear a backpack or hydration vest.

      That’s like having the problem to choose between a Ferrari and a Porsche for going fast. I wear the Nano often to just have some wind protection or an extra layer of warmth. Breathability should not be the problem. But regarding using a pack or a vest: It would probably be best to ask Soar directly ( They certainly know what stress they would put on which jacket – and are actually always very helpful with such questions.

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