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I was really excited about the Endorphin collection. On the ISPO 2020 I was lucky enough to get my hands on the three shoes. But it felt like an eternity before I was able to run in them myself.

Sponsored Post: Saucony provided me with the products for this review at my request. This had no influence on the content of my post. The article is written indipendently and reflects exclusively my personal experiences.

Saucony Endorphin Pro, Speed und Shift

The shoes of the Endorphin collection are to be seen as a trio: together they cover the complete spectrum for the ambitious runner, from the relaxed basic run to the competition. The basis and common element is the new Speedroll technology, which is intended to enable a faster roll and thus generate more propulsion when running.

The shoe for every day is the Endorphin Shift: maximum cushioning with the new PWRRUN material, good support and fit through Formfit. The Endorphin Speed is responsible for the fast days with its reactive nylon plate and the even better PWRRUN-PB cushioning material – no matter if it’s a speed run or even a competition. With the Endorphin Pro you also get the PWRRUN-PB as a cushioning material. There is an additional carbon fiber plate built in for the fight for every second.


Saucony Endorphin Speed

180 Euro
Time Frame
7 weeks

First Impressions

I had to criticize Saucony for the design of the Kinvara 11. ;) With the Endorphin collection they make up for it all. :) I really like the design of the shoes!

The side view clearly shows the strength of the cushioning package. You can see 27.5 mm at the front and 35.5 mm at the rear of the new ultra-light PWRRUN-PB. The drop is still within the usual range with 8 mm.

The nylon plate is not visible from the side or from below. The rubber of the outsole mainly protects the forefoot area and seems to me to have quite a reasonable strength.

The mesh of the upper material looks very airy and adaptable. Together with the lacing I expect the Saucony-typical good fit on the foot. After all, a good connection between shoe and foot is important to take advantage of the reactive nylon plate.

In the heel area Saucony finally managed to place a strange design element ;) Fortunately this “heel jewelry” doesn’t catch the eye any further. Anyway, the heel is comfortably padded and safely placed there.

The scale shows 542 grams for both shoes in my size – exactly the same weight as the Kinvara 11! This is a great achievement to make the shoe so light – despite the massive cushioning package and the inserted nylon plate. Both thumbs up, Saucony!

Running Experience

Running the Endorphin Speed, it turns out to be a real Saucony: slip in and feel good. :) The shoe fits your foot well as usual. There is nothing wobbling or rubbing. However, it is also immediately noticeable that it does not roll in the typical Saucony way. Due to the thickness of the cushioning you are of course not so close to the ground and also the changed geometry when rolling was clearly noticeable for me.

It took a few runs until I understood how the shoe works. At first I also lacked a feeling for the suspension of the nylon plate. This was helped by the slight inclines on my home track, where I was suddenly thrown up step by step. Of course, the plate has to be loaded before it can develop its spring effect. And this is apparently not the case with my normal basic shuffle. ;)

On the other hand you can get into a totally effortless running feeling with the Endorphin Speed. If you just pay attention to land far enough up front on your foot, it will soon run itself. I don’t mean a big change at all. You just have to admit that the shoe has to be given the opportunity to develop its special “magic”. ;)

The fact that the shoe not only allows you to glide effortlessly, however, has been demonstrated to me by several threshold runs in training and, last but not least, by the 5-km competition of the Soar X Tour.

The Endorphin Speed has certainly played a big part in my new 5 km personal best time. It wasn’t the propulsion that made a difference, but rather the effortlessness that the shoe gives when running fast.

I always had the feeling of having a safe and dynamic stride without having to make any special effort. And when in doubt, I could rely on the PWRRUN-PB cushioning to catapult me to the next step. ;)


Saucony Endorphin Speed
Like a Rocket!
The Saucony Endorphin Speed clearly belongs to the generation of the new "super shoes". The new Speedroll-Technology enables an effortless running, to which the ingenious cushioning contributes.

In contrast to other representatives of this new type of shoe, I believe that the Endorphin Speed is capable of high mileage, which at least partially justifies the admittedly high price.
Price / Performance
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  1. Simplemente un gran zapato , cualquier entrenamiento y carrera, está zapatilla, increíble, dónde puedes mejorar constantemente por el simple hecho que mientras más adaptación más rápido la sientes bajo tus pies, maneja tempo con facilidad , cero agotamiento después de cada entrenamiento extraordinario súper zapatilla !!

  2. Hi, thanks for the review!
    Hope you can help me answer one question: I’m going to particapate in a uphill asphalt half marathon where the average incline is 7-8% (varies mostly from 4%-12% incline) and my average speed will hopefully be around 10,5 km/h. Would the Speed fit for that kind of race, or will I not get the benefit of the shoes due to the incline and (lack of) speed?
    Will the plate actually be a disadvantage compare to no-plated shoes like the Kinvara? I ran the same race last time in the Kinvara 10, and they worked out well!

    1. Hi Finn, I felt the plate even more on uphills during my training runs. But I think it’s very individual, if or at least how much you will benefit from a plated shoe. On the other hand: I won’t expect any disadvantages – especially if you like to run in Sauconys.

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