SportHacks ONE24 Backpack

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The young company SportHacks caught my attention as a newcomer at ISPO 2020. I had already taken a quick look at their modular backpack at the fair and was now able to test it extensively in everyday use.

Sponsored Post: Sporthacks provided me with the products for this review at my request. This had no influence on the content of my post. The article is written indipendently and reflects exclusively my personal experiences.


SportHacks ONE24

SportHacks ONE24
169 Euro
Time Frame
6 weeks
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First Impression

At first sight, the ONE24 is a simple, black backpack. With a volume of 30 liters, it is certainly not small, but with 48x31x20 centimeters it is still hand luggage size.

On closer inspection, you immediately notice the many zippers, compartments and handles. At the top there is not only a carrying or hanging loop, but also a proper handle, which is also available on the side.

The back is well padded and has two comfortable carrying straps, which can also be easily fixed under two rubber bands when not in use. The trolley holder can be seen in the middle.

To get the secrets out of the ONE24 backpack, let’s have a look into the compartments. There are essentially two of them. Here is an overview:

The outer zipper opens the main compartment. The access to the largest compartment of the ONE24 can be increased by a further zipper.

Two mesh compartments complement the organisational options and offer quick access. The sealed bottle compartment is located in the lower quarter. It can be accessed from the outside and a flexible sack ensures that moisture cannot penetrate into the inside of the backpack.

Accordingly, the bottle cannot be accessed from the inside. But the remaining volume can be used for other things. For example for food that has to stay cool. This is because the entire compartment is also (slightly) insulated.

In the lid there is an odour and water resistant storage compartment for e.g. shoes or dirty laundry. The volume can be increased by 10 liters via an external zipper, so that the ONE24 can even grow to 40 liters. Alternatively, the closure can also be used for compression, thus saving volume.

On the side you have direct access to a large pocket that can hold travel documents, reading material, mobile phone or keys, for example. Just everything that you want to get hold of quickly when you’re on the move.

The large 15″ laptop compartment opens at the back. Besides a neoprene sleeve for the computer, there are two large mesh pockets on the opposite side, one of which can be closed.

So the ONE24 really does offer a variety of storage options. But that’s not all, because the backpack can be extended with modules. At the moment there are seven extensions, which can be ordered from the SportHacks shop. For example, the gym bag module supplied with the ONE24 is attached to the outside of the ONE24 using four loops.

The generous mesh bag can be closed with a drawstring and can be used flexibly. Like the whole system of the ONE24 is designed to use the offered storage space adapted to the own needs.

Field test

Due to the cancellation of the competitions until summer, one test scenario for the backpack has unfortunately been dropped. However, such a competition day for the ONE24 would certainly be the easiest exercise. ;)

Family weekend

The SportHacks ONE24 had its first stress test during a short holiday in the Netherlands. Besides my running clothes I am also responsible for “the gear”, which so far always resulted in two bags. This time both of them fit into the ONE24 without any problems.

The laundry compartment offered enough space for my complete running clothes for the weekend – including rain gear. Thereby I certainly did not only pack a minimal selection, but (how could it be otherwise) rather too much.

On the other side I was able to store most of the running equipment and even headphones, power supply, cables, etc. Additionally, the Utility Bag helped me with the organization.

In the laptop compartment there was of course a laptop, but also holiday readings. The mesh compartments filled spontaneously with all the small stuff you won’t really need, but pack nevertheless. I wouldn’t have needed the Gym-Bag, but I wanted to use the ONE24 completely. So I put some caps in the net. On the way back there were two pairs of running shoes in it.

All in all I made good use of the 40 litres. That looks more dramatic on the last picture than it feels on the back. I would have easily done a city tour with the packed ONE24, so comfortable it sat. In the holiday home, a large part of the contents then simply stayed in the backpack, was therefore always “tidy”, but still easy to reach.

Sporty Office Day

In preparation for the Ibbenbürener Klippenlauf (has been postponed to October for 2020…) I wanted to do some training on the track after work – it goes right past the office. Usually I take a sports bag with me besides my office bag, but of course that was not necessary with the ONE24.

The outfit for the run fits easily into the main compartment, while the running shoes can be stored in the gym bag or simply stay in the car. The backpack has even served me well while dressing, because it has all compartments easily accessible when hung or placed.


The perfect sports backpack
The SportHacks ONE24 is a truly universal backpack for combining sport and everyday life. Many solutions are very cleverly designed (e.g. bottle compartment), but leave enough space to discover your own uses: a laptop compartment can also be used for a tennis racket, the gym bag holds running shoes or a football, or a yoga mat, or… Another ingenious feature is the possibility to extend the backpack with modules and thus adapt it even more specifically to your own needs. The SportHacker-Community always provides new suggestions and the further development of the really recommendable system.
SportHacks ONE24 Backpack

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