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What actually happens with all the plastic waste that is fished out of our oceans? Well, obviously the recycling chain behind it has already started and more and more sports goods manufacturers are using the raw materials for new products. The Danish brand Rockay turns them into running socks.

Sponsored Post: Rockay provided me with the products for this review at my request. This had no influence on the content of my post. The article is written indipendently and reflects exclusively my personal experiences.


Rockay Razer

18 Euro
Time Frame
4 weeks

I am someone who looks at packaging more closely. And at Rockay I was quite satisfied with the information offered. Not only does it explain where the recycled nylon comes from. You also get advice on how to continue to protect the environment when using the product: for example by washing less often.

But don’t worry: even if the socks might have been a fishing net before, they will become real running socks ;) I really like the colour choice and the design. Even more important is of course the function.

For me this includes an anatomically correct fit, padding on the toes and heel, a good fit and durability. This seems to be the case with Rockay.

The Rockay Razer have proven themselves in running. I think the length of the socks fits perfectly, the fit and padding were also really good. My durability test is always to see if there is a hole on the big toe – this is really a problem for me and very few manufacturers do well in this regard. So I really tried my best with the Rockay Razer and wore them for two weeks on almost every run – without any problems.


Rockay Vigor

38 Euro
Time Frame
4 weeks

The Rockay Vigor is a compression sock. Therefore you have to know not only your shoe size but also your calf circumference when you decide on your size. The compression goes gradually from 16-23 mmHg and is also clearly noticeable on the leg.

Of course the Vigor is also made of recycled nylon, has a padded toe and heel area and comes with a lifetime warranty. You can register your product on the Rockay website and get a replacement. But the conditions for this are not quite clear to me and you can’t read about them…

It did me good to run with compression socks again. The Rockay Vigor are easy to put on, but still give the muscles good support. The padding was comfortable even on long runs.


I really liked the Rockay socks. In function and design they are at least as good as the big brands. But I am particularly impressed by the fact that they are produced in Europe from recycled materials.
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