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This is a very special review. Besides completely new products and updates there is even something to win! ;)

Sponsored Post: Soar provided me with the products for this review at my request. This had no influence on the content of my post. The article is written indipendently and reflects exclusively my personal experiences.


Soar Long Sleeve Tech-T

ca. 93 Euro
Time Frame
5 weeks

The Longsleeve is a completely new product in the Soar universe. Although it is “only” the long-sleeved version of the Tech-T.

Thus it inherits the wonderfully soft fabric, which is not only very comfortable to wear, but also has a very good sweat transport. The colour range is also identical.

The sleeve cuff, on the other hand, had to be invented anew. At first glance, it seemed strange to me. I was afraid it wouldn’t slip over my running watch. But since the fabric is so stretchy, it was an unfounded worry.

I had also wondered if I would wear a longsleeve in the summer at all. It’s not exactly obvious… But I’ve come to appreciate it. The fabric absorbs sweat so well without getting heavy that even on hot days you hardly notice the additional material. So the longsleeve is really very universally wearable – all year round. One should also not underestimate the fact that the long sleeves offer sun protection and can even shield against annoying insects if necessary.


Soar Run Shorts 3.0

ca. 91 Euro
Time Frame
5 weeks

The Run Shorts, on the other hand, are an old favorite. Three years ago I already wore the original Classic Shorts and I still wear them regularly. Actually I thought they were already perfect then, but Tim still finds room for improvement. ;)

In this version I particularly noticed that the zipper is now covered. So the zipper cannot rub on the possibly sensitive material of the top. A feature that every Soar shorts should have from now on.

Apart from that the biggest update for me was the new color. I think the “Aqua Green” is just great! It stands out clearly beside the other colors like grey, black and blue. To me it is the perfect summer colour.

As already mentioned: the shorts are an “old friend”, so fit and comfort are still perfect with the Run Shorts 3.0. If there wasn’t the price… ;) But compared to other high priced brands I think that you really pay for quality and not just for a name.


Soar Diamond Crew Sock

ca. 24 Euro
Time Frame
5 weeks

I really like flashy and colorful socks! And with the Diamond Socks, Soar really nailed it. Even if you don’t choose the most striking colour “Black Fluro Coral”, you’ll definitely stand out with them.

But besides the design, the socks also work really well. I’ve been running the Crew Socks and the All Weather Socks since last winter. I hadn’t expected much from them at first and considered them a “second-class product”. But that was clearly too hasty. I had done the calculation without Tim Soar. ;)

In practice, they have so far passed my quality test (hole on the big toe?). They also fit very well, are padded in the right places and breathable in others. Add to that the design and they are pretty perfect to me.


Soar Ankle Sock

ca. 19 Euro
Time Frame
5 weeks

All this applies no less to the shorter version: the Ankle Socks. Here, too, we have two very eye-catching colours, if you don’t want to go for plain white or black. Of course, this does not harm the other qualities of the socks.

By the way, the sock sizes are only roughly divided into S, M and L. According to my shoe size, I definitely belong in the largest drawer, but I wear M without problems.


Soar Longsleeve, Run Shorts and Socks
What more can I say: Soar makes it really hard for me not to be enthusiastic about the products. And in this case I especially liked the combination of the Longsleeve, Run Shorts and Diamond Crew Socks.
Price / Performance

SOAR X Harlerunner Giveaway

I know Soar for more than four years now and was also fortunate to meet Tim Soar in person. I admire his urge for perfection, which I can spot in almost every new product.

Over the years a special bond to the brand has developed. And we have been thinking about the possibility of a “Harlerunner Bundle” for quite some time. In other words, a set of products that I particularly like. And now the time has finally come. :)

By clicking on the following link you can win a bundle of the Longsleeve Tech-T, the Run Shorts 3.0 and the Diamond Crew Socks at Soar! Just sign up there to win the complete set. The competition is open until 31.08.2020.

Here’s the link: SOAR X Harlerunner Giveaway

But you can also benefit from this cooperation without having to hit the jackpot. In addition, all German customers will be charged no shipping costs in August if you enter the code SOARXHARLERUNNER with your order.

I wish you good luck with the raffle!

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