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Suunto is back in the race. With the Race, the Finns have presented their ultimate performance watch for competition and training.

Anzeige: The manufacturer provided me with the product for this review at my request. This had no influence on the content of my test report. The article is freely written and exclusively reflects my personal experiences.

Suunto Race


449 / 549 Euro

Time Frame

4 weeks

First Impression

The similarity to the recently introduced Suunto Vertical is obvious. The same case design appears to have been used – and yet the watches cannot be compared.

It starts with the packaging: I can’t remember the Vertical being so well packaged. I was particularly surprised that the strap was presented separately. Perhaps this is to emphasise that the straps are easy to swap – and the options are very exciting for Suunto alone.

I was allowed to try out one of the new straps for the review and found both variants very convincing.

Of course, many other things have remained the same compared to the Suunto Vertical: the optical heart rate sensor on the back, for example. Or the charging cable with the magnetic disc. There are also no major surprises in the menu navigation and operating concept. Except for…

What’s new?

The rotatable and pushable digital crown is a completely new element at Suunto. It complements the touchscreen and the two buttons and adds real value.

Then you immediately notice the AMOLED display. It is huge, really bright and has a high resolution. The slightly revised graphics of the menus also come into their own.

Then there is a whole range of new widgets and functions such as night-time HRV measurement, sleep tracking and various training metrics for CTL, TSB and similar.



The step from the Suunto 9 Peak Pro to the Vertical was already huge in terms of the display. And although it has only become slightly larger in size, the AMOLED display feels like just as big a leap. It’s simply brilliant and fun.


Of course, the Race has to make do with a shorter battery life due to the display technology. The time for the best possible GPS recording drops from 60 to “only” 40 hours. To be honest, this is not a limitation for me and I am happy to accept it for the better display.

In addition, Suunto’s unique energy management system allows the runtime to be significantly extended and even adjusted during a run.

Training metrics

The Suunto Race is the first watch that no longer has Firstbeat technology on board, but instead relies entirely on its own algorithms. I much prefer the TSS-based metrics such as CTL or TSB anyway, because I use them for TrainingPeaks anyway. They are also well integrated into the watch – right down to training recommendations that also take into account the development of night-time HRV values!

For me, this means that for the first time, everything I use to control my training is directly integrated into a running watch. And in a direct comparison, the values were all absolutely plausible and usable.

Suunto Running Power

The native integration of power into the watch is very helpful when you are training with it. Especially as the Suunto values are virtually identical to those of the Stryd in direct comparison, although Suunto only uses GPS (and arm movements).

I’m no longer worried about forgetting the Stryd or not having charged it. However, this refers to the pure power values – Suunto does not provide any other metrics that the Stryd offers.


Optical heart rate sensor

It’s probably because of the strap that the OHR worked a little better for me. Because the housing and sensor have actually remained the same. Nevertheless, the optical measurement is still not as reliable as with other manufacturers.

Structured training sessions

Unfortunately, nothing has changed since the Suunto Vertical. The functionality is still there and usable, but I would still like to see some customisation in the display.


Here too, the Race moves slightly in front of the Vertical because the digital map material is simply easier to recognise on the AMOLED display. In addition, you can now zoom very easily and spontaneously with the crown, which, together with the touch scrolling, results in really good map operation.


Suunto Race
Simply brilliant!
With its new watches, Suunto has once again earned a firm place among the best running watches. For me, the Suunto Race has become a whole lot more attractive than the Suunto Vertical - especially when you also save 150 euros on the price!
Price / Performance

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