Airofit PRO Smart Breathing Trainer

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This is now the third product from the fitness world that has interested me as a runner. At first I was somewhat ridiculed by the Theragun – but now it seems like everyone has it. Will it be the same with Airofit? ;)

Sponsored Post: provided me with the product for this review at my request. This had no influence on the content of my post. The article is written indipendently and reflects exclusively my personal experiences.


Airofit PRO

379 Euro
Time frame
6 weeks
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First impression

The Airofit PRO is a smart breathing trainer that works as a mouthpiece to change the resistance during inhalation and exhalation and thus train the lungs. The handy device is delivered in a very nice package that also includes two different mouthpieces and a carry bag.

The Airofit PRO is actually quite simple in design: there is a inlet valve and an outlet valve whose air resistance can be adjusted independently of each other in six steps. The mouthpiece is removable and thus replaceable, which not only helps with cleaning.

The exciting and special thing about the breathing trainer is its connection to a mobile phone app. The connecting Bluetooth module can also be disconnected from the device.


The guidance and control of the breathing training is an essential point that speaks for the Airofit PRO. The connection is quickly established and after a first, short test of the lung capacity, you can start training directly.

Basically, the app is divided into three training areas: anaerobic threshold, respiratory strength and lung capacity.

However, these three areas are also combined in training programmes, as in the three available Running programmes.

The proportions are different in each case. However, you will be well informed about this for each programme.

When you start a training schedule with the Airofit PRO, you can freely set your experience level and the duration and thus adapt it to your training progress.

You are then graphically guided through the exercises by the app so that you know exactly what to do at all times. In addition, there are instructional videos with which you can prepare for the exercises.

Daily Usage

I have to admit that training with the Airofit PRO felt very strange to me at first. I had to repeat the first lung test because I was not prepared for how strenuous it would be. ;) The individual exercises were also unfamiliar the first time. But after the second repetition, you get used to it.

I also liked the fact that the lung test is repeated regularly so that you can constantly see the progress of your training. My lung volume increased from 5.5 litres to 7.1 litres within four weeks! In the same way, the power of inhalation has increased significantly and steadily.

Less measurable, of course, is the advantage that this gives you in running. As with all training, the first question is where your strengths and weaknesses lie. I have long had the feeling that breathing is a limiting factor for me during intense intervals and in the last quarter of races. Breathing training can help, but it doesn’t have to be the right way for everyone.

After a good six weeks of regular training with the Airofit PRO, I already notice that it is much easier for me to breathe in strongly during hard intervals. Even and especially at the performance limit. I imagine that my lungs simply have more power and can therefore take in the air more effortlessly. Perhaps the lung volume used also plays a role.

This is hard to translate into competition times (especially at the moment…), but it makes me feel like I’ve successfully addressed one of my weak points.


Airofit PRO Smart Breathing Trainer
Helpful training complement
For training with the Airofit PRO, you only have to invest about 3-5 minutes of time every day, which in my opinion pays off completely. However, certainly only if breathing is one of your limiting factors.

For me, the control via app is an essential factor to be able to do a well-structured breathing training. However, you also pay a considerable extra price for it. For comparison: the Airopro BASIC without app costs only about 90 euros.
Price / Performance
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  1. hellò Harlerunner, thank you for your review, complete and exhaustive especially as it is accompanied by photos. I just wanted to warn you that the price shown is completely wrong, the cost is not 275 euros but 379. At 275 I would have bought it immediately. Thanks anyway

    1. Hi Roberto,
      thanks for the hint – I did not notice the price change. Seems like it’s the new price for an updated version (longer battery life?). At least my code is still working for getting 10% off…

  2. hi,

    Will improving lung size lower my HR. My resting Hr is at 70 and i do lot of running where i usually run at 160 plus HR even for easy runs. I can speak and comfortable at this HR but wanted to check if this will help lower the HR so that i could then get faster as I cannot push after a certain pace

    1. Hi Chandra, I don’t think that lowering your HR should be a training goal. But it will for sure happen due to a good training plan. You won’t need a breathing trainer for this.

  3. Purchased one of these units but e unit (the whole reason I payed more for) does not work. Customer service is appalling with a response of we are not responsible and cannot honour the warranty because as much as its new and you have all the packaging and serial numbers, it was not sold from our website or an authorised dealer. No where on the website or the printed material does it say that the warranty is void if not purchased from the website or an authorised reseller. So now stuck with a device that does not function as I would like it to and I could have purchased a device that did the same job minus the monitoring for a tenth of the price.

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