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Mymo helps you find the right running shoe. For the analysis, the English company only needs two barefoot runs with the Mymo sensor.

Sponsored Post: Mymo provided me with the products for this review at my request. This had no influence on the content of my post. The article is written indipendently and reflects exclusively my personal experiences.



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7 weeks
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According to Mymo, it is difficult to get good and independent advice even in specialised running shops. You never know exactly how well the staff is trained to do an analysis on the treadmill. Moreover, shoe recommendations are of course based on the shop’s (limited) product selection.

With the Mymo sensor, on the other hand, it is possible to do a mini running analysis on your own and then receive an evaluation and specific recommendations for running shoe models via the Mymo app. Of course, you can repeat this analysis as often as you like and, to a limited extent, even obtain further information about your running technique.


The Mymo system consists of a small sensor and an accompanying neoprene cuff for the ankle. The small footpod is about the size of your thumb and is powered by a replaceable coin cell. You switch it on via a push button before use and connect it to the Mymo app.

The concise instructions are perfectly sufficient to start the test procedure. You put the Mymo sensor into the small pocket of the cuff and pull the strap over your ankle.

Then you follow the app’s instructions and run a short distance barefoot – first with one foot, then with the other.

Why barefoot? Mymo wants to analyse the natural running movement in order to recommend the right shoe. At first it feels strange to run back and forth on the street in socks. But: it works! ;)


Immediately after you have run up the street once and down again with the sensor on the other foot, the result is already available.

For each of the two feet, primarily pronation and foot strike are evaluated. In the short data field below the explanatory graphic, the pronation can also be read off as a value and there is an indication of the ground contact time. However, the main message of the test is the shoe recommendation.

According to this result, the really big Mymo shoe database is filtered for e.g. neutral or stability shoes. There are price quotations and some details on all shoe models. You can even bookmark favourites.

What is missing, however, is the order button – and for good reason. Mymo is really only about advice and not about selling shoes. So you simply buy your selected model from the online retailer you trust. Or go to a specialist retailer with the preliminary information from the Mymo test.

Mymo Plus

Paid premium content at Mymo addresses the prevention of running injuries. There are already free videos to work on existing injuries. With Mymo Plus, you also get access to core stabilisation, Pilates, stretching and mobilisation classes. All designed for runners, of course.

I can well imagine that the sensor will also play a role here in the future. The young company (Oct. 2020) is certainly just in the process of developing its offering.


Mymo – Running Shoe Finder
Keep an Eye on
I love gadgets that give me a very clear, directly applicable recommendation. And Mymo gets this point across really well: in no time at all you have statements about your pronation, foot strike and what kind of shoes you should be running in.

Unfortunately, the results were not always reproducible for me. In successive tests, I was sometimes recommended neutral shoes and sometimes stability shoes.

Another downer: so far Mymo is only available in England. But international shipping is sure to follow soon.
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