Polar Grit X Pro – Is a switch worth it?

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Polar is taking a new approach with the new Grit X Pro. Suddenly the Polar Vantage V2 has real competition.

Sponsored Post: Polar provided me with the products for this review at my request. This had no influence on the content of my post. The article is written indipendently and reflects exclusively my personal experiences.


Polar Grit X Pro

500 Euro
Time frame
10 weeks
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First Impression

Even at first glance, you can see that the exterior of the Pro version of the Grit X has not changed much. It is immediately recognisable as the Grit X – with additional engravings on the bezel. And yet the case finish is clearly of a higher quality, even on the “normal” black version. There is also the copper-coloured version shown here, a “golden” version and (for an extra 100 euros) the Polar Grit X Pro Titan as a premium version.

The new sapphire crystal is barely noticeable. To be honest, I have never had any problems with scratches, but the additional protection will please many runners who also like to wear the watch in everyday life – which is understandable given its beautiful appearance. ;)

No surprise awaits on the back either: the current version of the Precision Prime sensor is identical to the one in the Polar Grit X and the Polar Vantage V2.

New Functions

The reasons for the additional “Pro” in the model name are therefore more likely to be found inside the watch. Besides an additional GPS option (GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS), these seem to be “only” function updates.

For example, there are now new dashboards that mainly revolve around use as an outdoor watch – such as compass or sunrise and sunset. Much more important, however, is the new function overlap with the Vantage V2. If you look at Polar’s comparison overview, there are only two differences between the watches: the Vantage V2 has an ambient light sensor and the Grit X Pro has a sapphire crystal.

The big highlight for me: this gave the Grit X Pro the Orthostatic Test, the Leg Recovery Test and the Running Performance Test! These are functions that were previously reserved exclusively for the Vantage models.

Almost as a logical consequence, the Recovery Pro functionality is also included. So you can now not just use Nightly Recharge for recovery tracking, but also the morning orthostatic test.

New for the Grit X (Pro) are also the extended routing functions. For example, you can now reverse the direction of a route or be guided back to the starting point in different ways: along the planned route, along the route actually walked or as the bee flies.

In practice, the Polar Grit X Pro has proven to be just as reliable as its siblings. The GPS quality was always ok, but has some problems when switching between good and bad reception (forest transition). The optical heart rate sensor was for me absolutely equivalent to a chest strap usable. At least on days that are not too cold… However, if you need absolutely reliable values, you are of course better off with a chest strap.


Polar Grit X Pro – Is a switch worth it?
The lost twin
With the Polar Grit X Pro, you get the fraternal twin of the Polar Vantage V2. For the same price, the Grit X Pro comes with a sapphire crystal, a standard strap lug and a somewhat more robust case. This makes it a slightly more robust running watch in terms of appearance, but equally good. In other words: as a runner, you can choose between the two models according to your preferences.
Price / Performance

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