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For me, massage guns are indispensable recovery tools. Mine is always within reach and is used almost daily. But does it always have to be the device from the market leader?

Sponsored Post: addsfit provided me with the product for this review at my request. This had no influence on the content of my post. The article is written indipendently and reflects exclusively my personal experiences.


addsfit Max

addsfit Max
ca. 160 Euro
Time frame
6 weeks
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I have had good experiences with the manufacturer’s small model, the addsfit Mini. It is well built and has a lot of power. Due to its small size, however, it naturally lacks a little punch and stamina. The addfits Max should be able to compensate for this.

First Impression

The device comes in a transport and storage case. Included, of course, is a charger, the removable battery handle, the motor unit and five different attachments.

The battery handle is inserted into the unit and can also be released again by a locking button. At the bottom of the handle there is a power switch and the charging socket.

However, the addsfit Max is switched on at the motor unit. The control panel consists of a button in the middle that switches the massage gun on and also switches between the 9 speed levels – represented by the 9 LEDs above. The lower LEDs give information about the charging level of the battery.

There is a practical storage net for the five attachments. The different sizes and shapes can be easily changed as needed. From hard and thumb-sized to a large, soft base, everything is included.


Compared to the addsfit Mini, the Max version is impressively large. But it lies well in the hand and does not seem too heavy there. Although the cross shape seems to have a clear grip, the massage gun can still be gripped relatively flexibly.

At 12 millimetres, the amplitude of the addsfit Max is exactly the same as that of the Theragun Mini. However, there are 9 speeds instead of 3. In addition to finer gradations, there is also a higher frequency: the 3,300 rpm clearly exceeds the values of many competitors. And you can feel it! You should be a little careful with the upper 2-3 steps.

I found the noise level to be very comparable with other products. Moreover, even after 6 weeks of intensive use, no rattling or other quality defects have occurred. The battery also lasts forever and has only had to be recharged once in this time.

I actually only have one small complaint: there is a power switch on the handle and a power switch on the head. One of them is unnecessary… You get used to it and leave the power switch on if necessary, but that’s not a good solution either.


addsfit Max Massage Gun
Absolutely useful
The addsfit Max does everything you would expect from a massage gun - and at a reasonable (street) price. I especially liked the long battery life and the fine gradation of the massage strength.
Price / Performance
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