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Since last year, Soar has been setting a good pace in terms of new products. At the same time, one should not lose sight of the fact that Soar’s updates of existing products often mean major progress.

Sponsored Post: Soar provided me with the products for this review at my request. This had no influence on the content of my post. The article is written indipendently and reflects exclusively my personal experiences.

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Soar Dual Run Short 3.0

93 Euro
Time frame
8 weeks

I admit: after the first version of the Dual Run Shorts, these shorts were not on my watch list. Completely unjustifiably, as I now realise.

The new model consists of a very thin inner tight that peeks out from under a pair of run shorts. Both layers are so thin and airy that the Dual Run Shorts should not be categorised as part of the autumn or winter collection.

Compared to the first version, the fit of the inner tight in particular has been significantly improved: everything now stays securely in place. ;) And even though the outer layer with the zipped pocket in the back looks unchanged, the material here has also been completely renewed and now corresponds to the new, much thinner fabric of the Run Shorts 5.0.

I’ve always liked running in 2-in-1 shorts when they fit as well as the Soar Dual Run Short 3.0. This protects the thighs a little better against the cold. In summer, you don’t get sore during sweaty runs.

The Dual Run Shorts can be worn very well from spring to autumn. I would (and will) certainly run a race or two with them.


Soar Run Shorts 5.0

86 Euro
Time frame
8 weeks

The Soar Run Shorts are actually on their 5th version (although they were originally called “Classic Shorts”). I always ask myself what Tim wants to improve on a perfect product. And then I almost always have to admit that he has found something after all ;)

In the case of the Run Shorts 5.0, it’s definitely the thinner material. It now looks like fine silk, but can definitely take more.

Because the material of the shirts is also getting finer, the zip of the trousers is now covered as a further update.

Run shorts have a central position in the lineup of the English company. They are one of the absolute basics of a runner’s wardrobe. Thanks to the material update, I find them very versatile: thin enough for a hot summer or fast races, but also long enough for cooler days. In addition, there is of course the perfect fit, which in combination with the new material means that you can hardly feel the shorts.


Soar Long Sleeve Tech T 2.0

89 Euro
Time frame
8 weeks

The long-sleeved version of the Tech T gets “only” a colour update this spring. Is it perhaps already so perfect that Tim has not found any improvements? ;)

For me, the Long Sleeve Tech T is an absolute must-have. I wear it almost more often than a T-shirt! In the cold season, it’s a thin baselayer that I wear on many runs. Now in spring I wear it combined with a gilet, then later on its own.

Even in the height of summer, I have worn it as protection from too much sun. The material is so airy and wicks away sweat so well that it’s almost like wearing a T-shirt. If I get too warm, I just pull up the sleeves.


Soar Ultra Lightweight Gilet

144 Euro
Time frame
8 weeks

The Ultra Lightweight Gilet is pretty unique. The thin gilet offers good protection against wind and rain without relying on a membrane. This makes it particularly breathable.

The special feature of the cut: there is no collar. It is basically cut even wider than a T-shirt. What might sound like a disadvantage at first, quickly turns out to be an advantage during fast, intense runs: with the zip slightly open, a collar then usually just gets in the way.

Soar’s performance approach can also be seen in the change of material at the back: the rain and wind protection ends here to offer an even larger area for “evaporation”.

Originally, the Ultra Lightweight Gilet was only available in one colour (“Space Grey”), which may not have appealed to everyone. In the current update, there are three more colours, of which I chose the dark blue. A very good choice, because the colour is simply fantastic. All the other features, such as the zipped pocket in the back, have of course been retained.


Soar Eco Tech T

74 Euro
Time frame
8 weeks

Soar is committed to producing 30% of its new collection from recycled yarns in 2022. This is part of the company’s comprehensive sustainability strategy. And the Eco Tech T is a first result of this.

I have to admit that I actually bought the new shirts because of the beautiful colours. Basically, I will probably choose the eco-versions of Soar more often from now on, because they don’t differ noticeably from the “normal” version for me.

The material is just as soft and comfortable on the skin, the wicking works well and the cut is beyond reproach. Interestingly, the Eco Tech Ts smell slightly different – if that should be an argument for anyone. ;)


Soar Printed Tech T

76 Euro
Time frame
8 weeks

There is also a colour update for the normal Tech Ts – if you can call it that. They are now also available in two printed versions.

Soar is usually very conservative with the placement of logos (for which I am very grateful). That’s why I was particularly attracted to the grey and pink version, which for once has a large logo on the back.

All other material properties are as usual – in other words, pretty much perfect. ;)


Soar Updates Spring 2022
Soar has introduced so many new products in the last year that I am almost happy about the "small" material and colour updates. ;) What I find exciting about all the "experiments" is that the new colours also match the pieces from last year and the year before. So (hopefully) it's not fashion that's being created here, but a collection that can be expanded permanently.
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