Soar Dual Fabric Tights 3.0 and Merino Beanie

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As you could already see on the pictures of the new Soar Ultra Jacket, I was also on the road with two other new Soar products in the last weeks.

Sponsored Post: I was able to purchase both products at a discount from Soar. This had no influence on the content of my post. The article is written indipendently and reflects exclusively my personal experiences.

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Soar Dual Fabric Tights 3.0

Soar Dual Fabric Tights 3.0
ca. 140 Euro
Time Frame
6 weeks

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The new Dual Fabric Tights come in two varieties: both are black, but the one I tested has particularly eye-catching reflective elements. Soar calls this Hi-Vis.

One large element is placed on each thigh and a smaller one at the back of the lower leg. There is another significant difference between these two parts: the material.

Overall, both materials used turn out slightly warmer than at the predecessor. Remained is the slight compression on the lower legs – which also makes the zipper there necessary. This makes it much easier to put on. Around the lower cuffs there are silicone dots printed on the inside, which prevent the tight from slipping.

At the top, the Dual Fabric Tights 3.0 are kept quite minimal, as usual. A drawstring keeps the pants in place. In the back there is a zipper pocket, which offers a modern smartphone hardly enough space. Keys or gels are clearly better off here.

I have to admit that I wasn’t a big fan of the previous version – without being able to give a concrete reason for that. But again, Tim Soar has obviously put his hand in the right places, because I really like the Dual Fabric Tights 3.0. The only criticism: for me, they could be cut a little higher at the hips.

But that’s complaining at a high level, because the tights fit very well and offer enough protection from the cold in winter. However, they are certainly intended for somewhat faster runs, where you do not cool down so quickly. For long, slow runs in the snow they would be a bit too thin for me.


Soar Jacquard Pattern Merino Beanie

ca. 44 Euro
Aktiv getestet
6 Wochen

The new beanie is another one of those products that totally surprised me. Soar already has a merino silk beanie in its lineup, but I’ve never tried it. The design of the new model appealed to me the most. In addition, I like to wear merino wool very much.

The material is much thicker than I would have guessed from the pictures. In addition, it is very elastic, so that the beanie should fit everyone and fits comfortably tight.

I have worn it on runs between just below 0° C to almost double-digit plus degrees. I was never too cold or too warm. In addition, the merino wool ensures that he is naturally antibacterial. So it doesn’t smell as quickly after use and really only needs a quick rinse after the run before it’s ready for the next run.


Soar Dual Fabric Tights 3.0 and Merino Beanie
Typical Soar
As always, I can only recommend both products. The Soar Dual Fabric Tights 3.0 are a good choice for faster runs in winter and also offer a little more security in the Hi-Vis version.

The Merino Beanie has kept me pleasantly warm on every occasion and has quickly become a favorite item.
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