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No, I’m not through with all the new releases at Soar yet. And I’m afraid that there are even more highlights… ;)

Sponsored Post: Soar provided me with the products for this review at my request. This had no influence on the content of my post. The article is written indipendently and reflects exclusively my personal experiences.

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Soar Wooltech Top

174 Euro
Time Frame
6 weeks

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First Impression

The Wooltech Top is brand new in the line-up of the British premium manufacturer. As the name suggests, it is a warm top for winter.

The half-zip can help to regulate the warmth a little if necessary. This is because Tim also had sweaty winter running sessions in mind when designing this long sleeve.

That’s why the close-fitting top also has a special combination of materials: on the outside it’s made of a quick-drying synthetic fibre, while the inside is made of a soft merino fleece.

This not only ensures a pleasant feeling against the skin, but also optimal temperature management. It offers good insulation and warmth for relaxed runs on cold winter mornings, but can also be used for fast-paced runs.

In the back there is a slightly hidden zip with a pocket that can perfectly hold a mobile phone. The slightly angled arrangement successfully prevents the usual bouncing.

Running Experience

Note to self: when Soar says “warm”, it is meant to be. ;) I totally underestimated the thin garment on the first run and put the winter gilet over it. At just over 0°C, that was completely unnecessary. I probably shouldn’t have worn anything underneath, that’s how warm the Soar Wooltech Top was while running.

The cut is very sporty – almost like a baselayer. Nevertheless, you can and should choose your normal Soar size, because that’s exactly how the top is supposed to fit. The soft and elastic material follows your every move and feels like a second skin.

The Wooltech top also showed its best side during a tempo run. I was always prepared to have to regulate the temperature via the half-zip, but that didn’t happen. I didn’t get too warm in the fast sections and at the same time didn’t get cold at a steady pace.


Soar Winter Gilet

216 Euro
Time Frame
6 weeks

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First Impression

Running gilets from Soar are always a highlight for me. And the new Winter Gilet is in no way inferior to the other models. It has inherited the material of the Soar All Weather Jacket 3.0: very tightly woven, highly water-repellent and yet breathable.

The zip is completely covered by a wind flap on the outside. A Napoleon pocket on the chest is the ideal place to carry a mobile phone.

However, there is a change of material in the back. The black material in the picture is noticeably thinner and also somewhat more flexible.

It provides even better ventilation during demanding training sessions, but does not protect as well against moisture and wind.

The second zipped pocket in the back is generously sized and can hold a beanie, gloves and a tube scarf. The Soar Winter Gilet is not as close-fitting as the Ultra Lightweight Gilet, for example. Therefore, you should not carry heavy objects in the back pocket.

Running Experience

Perfect. There’s simply no other way to put it. I wore the Soar Winter Gilet on absolutely every run outside, regardless of whether it was 6°C and drizzling or a freezing cold run over the hills. You just have to combine it appropriately. :)

Above all, it has always given me the security of being properly equipped in any case. Because if the expected rain doesn’t start, I still don’t sweat too much under the winter gilet. And if the wind is a bit too chilly after a tempo session, the gilet still keeps my upper body warm.

And even during the intense sections, you won’t overheat thanks to the outstanding breathability of the material. Have I already mentioned the perfect cut? It’s virtually guaranteed with Soar and makes wearing it even more fun.


Soar Wooltech Top and Winter Gilet
Soar had a spectacular year in 2021. Every new piece in the collection is a real highlight for me. And that also applies to the Wooltech Top and the Winter Gilet.

The gilet in particular is so universal that the admittedly high price pays off very quickly. The use of the Wooltech top is a little more specific, but in case of doubt it certainly saves a layer of clothing in winter.
Price / Performance
  1. Great review thanks! How would you compare the Wooltech to the Windbreaker 2.0? Are they very different and do they serve different purposes? Thanks!

    1. I would rather wear the Wooltech as a first or only layer and in windy conditions wear another (thin) layer on top. With the Windbreaker it’s the other way round: I rarely wear it as the only layer, but rather as a second layer. But it is the first choice in windy weather.

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