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Do you all know the two most famous physiotherapists (in their opinion, of course) on the internet 😉 Bob and Brad don’t just make helpful Youtube videos. They also offer their own massage gun.

Anzeige: The manufacturer provided me with the product for this test at my request. This had no influence on the content of my test report. The article is freely written and exclusively reflects my personal experiences.

I am pretty sure that their YouTube channel was the reason for me to take a closer look at massage guns. As physiotherapists, they should know best about the use and application of these devices. And they explain it well and very entertainingly:


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They are not only good at marketing themselves, but now also have their own shop with products they like to use personally. There are several massage guns there, but they differ only slightly.

Bob & Brad C2 Massage Gun


110 Euro

Time frame

4 weeks

The Bob & Brad C2 massage gun comes in a smart carrying case that holds the gun and the five attachments included.

The massage gun has the usual pistol shape. The handle is lightly rubberised and lies well in the hand.

On the back is the on/off switch and an indicator for the selected speed. The C2 has a maximum speed of 3200 revolutions per minute at less than 60 dB. At the lower end of the handle there are LEDs for the charge status of the permanently installed battery.

The massage pistol is charged via USB-C. A cable is included – but of course you can also charge the C2 using your normal mobile phone charging cable.

The five attachments cover a wide range of uses. In addition to familiar shapes, there is also a very soft attachment because it is air-cushioned.

The attachments are simply pushed on at the front and then hold very reliably. The notch is only needed for the fork attachment so that it does not twist during use.

It even comes with a paper manual explaining typical applications. This is the first time I have seen this in a massage gun!

On their Youtube channel, Bob & Brad of course also provide guidance on how to choose the right massage head:


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Does it make a difference that the massage gun is used and recommended by two physiotherapists? During use, I had the impression that the Bob & Brad C2 massage gun is of high quality, fits well in the hand and also works quietly.

The massage heads actually cover all application scenarios. I would rather use the C2 for smaller areas that are perhaps a little more sensitive. The five speeds are quite pleasant, but the stroke of the head did not seem particularly large to me.


Bob & Brad C2 Massage Gun
Well made
With the Bob & Brad C2 massage gun, you get a high-quality device that has its strengths more in the treatment of sensitive body parts. I found the device less than ideal for massaging large muscle groups.
Price / Performance

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