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For me, autumn came in very suddenly this time. But at the same time I was waiting for the cold to finally try out the new Soar collection.

Anzeige: The manufacturer provided me with the products for this review at my request. This had no influence on the content of my report. The article is freely written and exclusively reflects my personal experiences.

The new Three Season Shorts live up to their name again: The combination of inner tight and outer shorts is really only a not-so-good choice in summer.

The outer material seems to me to have become softer and more like the Run Shorts.

But of course there are no really big changes to this successful model. So the airy, well-fitting waistband and also the pocket in the back remain.

The zip is covered so as not to damage delicate tops. I think the pocket is rather small. It doesn’t fit my mobile phone.

I like running in 2-in-1 shorts because they are so comfortable. If a tight is not enough and a short is too airy, you will enjoy the Soar Three Season Short. For me, they are one of the standards that every runner should have in their wardrobe.

Soar Merino & Silk T-Shirt Base


71 (SS) / 93 (LS) Euro

Time Frame

10 weeks

Autumn and winter are always merino time for me. This natural material simply has the perfect properties for it.

Tim Soar adds a silk blend to his fabric to further enhance comfort against the skin. The result is an antibacterial and temperature-regulating top that can be worn solo in mild weather.

This is especially true for the long-sleeved version of the Soar Merino & Silk T-shirt. As always, the fit is just perfect, even when on the tight side. I always wear the longsleeve as a first layer in winter.

What I particularly appreciate about the material is the temperature and sweat management. Even when completely sweaty, the shirts never feel wet or cold.

Soar Merino & Silk Beanie


36 Euro

Time Frame

10 weeks

Of course, the above also applies to the Soar Merino & Silk Beanie. Although it has been in the Soar collection for a long time, I have only just tried it out.

The standard size fits me well, so that my ears are well covered. I find the temperature regulation of the material particularly beneficial on the head. You can wear the beanie in mild autumn weather, but also in sub-zero temperatures.

Soar Fast Cargo Tights


178 Euro

Time Frame

4 weeks

I saved the highlight for last: the new Fast Cargo Tights. They are based on the very comfortable Session Tights, but with a unique transport system.

The Soar Fast Cargo Tights have a cord to fix the pants at the hips – for safety. Because actually, several areas with silicone dots already ensure a secure fit.

To be precise, there are four areas: directly below the ankles, just below the knee, in the middle of the thigh and below the waistband. So once you put them on, nothing slips. 😉

Where you would normally expect a small zipped pocket, you get much more than that: the tights offer four storage spaces! Directly on the body is a very large pocket (pink) that runs across the entire width and ends with a zip.

Above it is a large, elastic pocket that you can reach into freely from the top. It is so stretchy that you can easily stow a rain jacket in it – for example the Soar Ultra Jacket.

But this compartment is subdivided even further. Inside, there is a divider that can be closed with a snap fastener. This creates either two small pockets or one large compartment that is secured with a button.

But that’s not all: the space between the bag and the zipped pocket can also be used. Here, for example, you can slide a thin top through that will not be used for the entire run.

In practice, this works brilliantly! In the picture above, the pockets hold a mobile phone, an Ultra Jacket and my GoPro – all without bouncing or getting in the way. I don’t know if I would go so far as to carry a soft flask in it. But I would trust the Soar Fast Cargo Tight to do it.


Soar Autumn 2022
Very convincing
Once again, I can only bow down to the creative power of Tim Soar and his team. It is a great achievement not only to make the basics perfect, but also to develop great innovations like the Fast Cargo Tights.
Price / Performance
  1. Great review. Wondering if you tried Wool-Tech tights? If so, what do think of those for winter?

    1. Hi Thomas, I’m loving the Wool-Tech tights! They are super comfortable and keep you warm even during rain showers.

      1. Following up. What about when it is really cold and windy? Do the WoolTech tights work for you? Thanks HarleRunner!!!

        1. It hasn’t been cold enough here to really test it (not below zero). But I would trust them to get me through the whole winter. However, my legs don’t get cold that quickly either. Let’s put it this way: where the Wooltech top with a thin baselayer is warm enough, the tights will keep up.

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