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What makes Soar so special? For me, it’s above all the well thought-out solutions for runners. Or for trail runners, as in this case.

Anzeige: The manufacturer provided me with the products for this test at my request. This had no influence on the content of my test report. The article is freely written and exclusively reflects my personal experiences.

First impression

The Soar Trail Race Vest has inherited the wonderfully thin and airy material of the Race Vest, but combines that with unique functionality for trail runners.

In the chest and back area, Soar uses a material that is still airy but also abrasion-resistant. This makes the Trail Race Vest the most minimal garment that has been developed for use with a running pack.

Minimal refers only to the weight, because there is no lack of functions. So that the trail pack does not chafe the neck, Soar has raised the collar of the vest a little. There is also a zip to regulate the temperature.

Somewhat hidden on the inside of the Soar Trail Race Vest is another small pocket the size of a credit card.

The abrasion-resistant material on the back is so airy that you can easily see through it. Nevertheless, Soar promises long durability.

Running experience

At Soar, the term “race” is usually synonymous with “tight fit”. And that definitely applies to the Trail Race Vest. However, this almost skin-tight cut naturally also means that no annoying wrinkles form under the running pack.

When you run, you immediately forget about the ultra-thin shirt: nothing rubs or pinches. With or without a fully packed running backpack.

The collar turns out to be an ingenious idea on the trails. Sore spots on the neck due to a chafing running pack are now a thing of the past.

Soar Trail Running Shorts


150 Euro

Time Frame

9 weeks

First impression

Actually, the trail running shorts also deserve to be called “race”. Not because of a tight cut (the shorts fit very well, as is typical for Soar), but because of their features.

First of all, it consists of a very thin inner tight, the material of which I already liked very much in the Speed Shorts. On top of that there is a second layer that is very reminiscent of the Marathon Shorts.

The trail running shorts also inherit the system for transporting nutrition from them. The two pockets on the back can easily hold two gels or bars each. There is also a zipped pocket that runs almost the entire width. I can even fit a mobile phone in there.

At the front of the waistband there are four additional loops so that two more gels can be carried. All this is of course in addition to the equipment in the running pack.

Running experience

Ok, ok… I haven’t worn the trail running shorts in a competition once – but I’ve worn them all the time in training. 😉

The inner tight fits perfectly and is very comfortable to wear, especially in high temperatures. The airy look is complemented very well by 2-in-1 shorts – so that I almost prefer wearing the trail running shorts to the race shorts.

On my test runs with gels and small trail adventures, the pockets in the back worked very well for me. Gels and bars are held well and hardly move. Only with long bars can the protruding piece rub against the skin a little.


Soar Trail Running
Appropriate solution
The Soar Trail Race Vest and the Trail Running Shorts are certainly a very good race kit for trail races - especially if you wear a running pack. But I wouldn't want to limit their use to that. I can see the trail running shorts being just as good for training and competitions on the road.
Price / Performance

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