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News from England! At Soar there were some surprises again.

Sponsored: The manufacturer provided me with the products for this test at my request. This had no influence on the content of my test report. The article is freely written and exclusively reflects my personal experiences.

The Race Vest has stayed with its version number and has received a colour update this year.

Anything else would have surprised me, because the paper-thin top is already perfect.

In addition to two multi-coloured versions, the Race Vest is now (finally) also available in plain black or blue.

For me, there is nothing more comfortable to wear during competitions or on hot days. The Soar Race Vest has a rather tight cut, but fits particularly well. It is really light as a feather and never feels wet on the skin, even when sweaty.

Soar Singlet


76 Euro

Time Frame

10 weeks

While the Race Vest is intended more for competition, the Singlet fits into the training wardrobe.

The material corresponds to that of the Tech-Ts and the cut is also “normal sporty”. Basically, the singlet is a sleeveless version of the T-shirts.

As a special feature, there is a colour change in the back and a reflective stripe on the cuff of the top.

If it doesn’t necessarily have to be the Race Vest, I like to go for the singlet. The sleeveless freedom is always welcome in high temperatures and/or strenuous training sessions. Plus, the cut is more forgiving if you’re not in race shape… 😉

Soar Half Tights


102 Euro

Time Frame

10 weeks

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of half tights. Somehow, no model has managed to excite me yet. But when Soar introduces two new tights, my interest is naturally piqued.

The Soar Half Tights do not have a drawstring waistband. They are held at the hips by an elasticated waistband and an inner zone of anti-slip dots.

There is also a zone like this at the end of the leg. A little practical tip: When putting them on, fold the edge outwards to make it much easier. The small dots prevent slipping very effectively.

There is a small zipped pocket in the back for keys or a very small mobile phone. You should not carry much weight here.

When I was running, I had to admit: Half tights might not be that bad after all 😉 I was initially suspicious of the missing lacing, but the tights hold perfectly even like that.

The thickness of the material certainly qualifies the Soar Half Tights for year-round use. For me, it could have been a little less material.

Soar Speed Shorts 4.0


112 Euro

Time Frame

10 weeks

Didn’t I just complain about the thickness of the material? 😉 That certainly won’t happen with the new Speed Shorts from Soar.

The competition shorts are as minimal as they can get. The material is wafer-thin and super light.

For this, they do without the anti-slip equipment and instead rely on a drawstring at the waistband. There are also two small pockets on the inside, which are about the size of a credit card.

If you want to carry more (marathon), you can alternatively go for the almost identical model with pockets: the Marathon Speed Shorts.

The Soar Speed Shorts are really only “opaque” in the critical area 😉 The material used here is also very thin and soft.

The tights are an absolute dream when running. They fit perfectly, don’t pinch or slip and are a relief, especially in the heat.

For me as a “half-tight sceptic”, the Soar Speed Shorts are a revelation. They have converted me 😉 This is the first half tight that I really like to wear often – in the heat and in competition.

Venloop 2022

Soar Hot Weather T 2.0


92 Euro

Time Frame

10 weeks

The Hot Weather T has also received a colour update this year. The special feature of this T-shirt is the material.

Most of the shirt is made of the wonderfully light and airy material of the Race Vest (see above). This works really well, especially on hot days, wicking away sweat and never feeling wet against the skin.

In the upper area there is then a change of material. This gives the shoulders and arms special protection against UV rays (UPF 50).

I’ve been excited about this T-shirt since the first version. The airy material of the Race Vest is really great, but I really like the additional UV protection during training. Together with the Speed Shorts, it’s very pleasant to run even on the hottest days.


Soar Summer 2022
New Highlights!
Besides the pieces I' ve already grown fond of, the Soar Speed Shorts were a big surprise for me. I never thought I would enjoy wearing half tights. Apart from that, colour updates are always a good sign for me at Soar: because then Tim probably hasn't found anything to improve... ;-)
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